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Fugitive Horizons

By Henry Beissel

These poems take the reader on a mind-blowing journey across the known micro- and macrocosms to the extreme outer edges of space and time. The counter-intuitive insights of modern science here become reality as we are led to question the representations of our senses. Quantum ... Read more


By Matt Rader

Ghosthawk is a guidebook of imagination from grasslands to star fields to the weather of the poet’s body. Where’s home in the crises of ecological collapse and mortal illness? Where’s joy with constant pain, a future blurred by smoke? Carrying these questions, Matt Rader ... Read more

Harbour Grids

By Zane Koss

A visually and lyrically beautiful debut that celebrates the landscapes we take for granted.

Harbour Grids is a long poem in four parts that investigates ideas of community and belonging. Beginning as a meditation on the surface of New York Harbor, the poem radiates outward through ... Read more

Here in There

By Angela Carr

Here in There, Angela Carr's third book of poetry, is a lyrical petition to the human faculty of attention. In constant motion, the poems locate unusual instances of connection. They ask, do we give or pay attention? And what do we attend to? How do we decide what merits our ... Read more

Here Is Where We Disembark

By Clea Roberts

With her remarkable debut collection, Yukon poet Clea Roberts proffers a perceptive & ecological reading of the Canadian North’s past & present. Roberts deftly draws out the moments that comprise a cycle of seasons, paying as much attention to the natural—the winter moon’s ... Read more

Homesickness is a Forgotten Art

By Joël Pourbaix
Translated by Donald Winkler

"Homesickness Is a Forgotten Art" is a compelling poetry collection that resonates with the echoes of a subtle presence. Open and attuned to what is, the poems portray complex reflections of deep human emotions and contradictions. Joël Pourbaix is curious about the world and ... Read more

House That Stands

By Stefan Rose

An impressionistic long poem in twenty-two parts by Stefan Rose about residence life through a reimagining of the 60-history of the Trueman House residence at Mount Allison University. Typeset in Lanston Garamond and printed offset on Rolland Zephyr Antique Laid paper.

how the gods pour tea

By Lynn Davies

This new collection by Lynn Davies, her first in eight years, abounds in departures: words and communities die, trout-lilies and passengers vanish, even the King and Queen of Fairies disappear.

In poem after poem, Davies's powerful imagination blends observation and fancy, passion ... Read more