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Crow Gulch

By Douglas Walbourne-Gough

Winner, E. J. Pratt Poetry Award
Shortlisted, NL Reads, Derek Walcott Prize for Poetry and Raymond Souster Award
Longlisted, First Nation Communities READ Award

From the author: I cannot let the story of Crow Gulch — the story of my family and, subsequently, my own story — ... Read more

Cruise Missile Liberals

By Spencer Gordon

WARNING: Cruise Missile Liberals contains few proper poems. That is, poems with proper manners, proper etiquette, or proper service to our national narratives. Poems that reassure the powerful. Poems that lie inert--with the smell of the museums. Poems that are, in a word, nice ... Read more


By Walter Hildebrandt

Taking its inspiration from director Werner Herzog's concept of "ecstatic truth" and recalling D. W. Griffith's silent film classic Intolerance, poet/historian Walter Hildebrandt's ambitious new book of poems is a searing denunciation of the exploitation of the poor and powerless ... Read more

East and West

By Laura Ritland

East and West, Laura Ritland's astonishing debut, is a book of visions. These are roving poems drawn to defamiliarizing points of view, and are exquisitely attentive to the way the world exceeds our senses ("Cloud deduced cloud / after cloud and cloud. ") Beckoningly tender, ... Read more

Every Night of Our Lives

By Rocco De Giacomo

The twin themes of domestic adventure and dreams work together in Every Night of Our Lives to create a tactile and brightly-coloured odyssey of the mundane. At times harrowing and sombre and at other times humorous and bizarre, Every Night provides a meaningful account of middle-aged ... Read more

Everyone Rides the Bus in a City of Losers

By Jason Freure


In the words of Margaret Thatcher, “A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure. ” Everyone Rides the Bus in a City of Losers is about wandering Montreal’s streets, with an eye on the storefronts and alley cats, and one foot ... Read more

First-Time Listener

By Jennifer Zilm

First Time Listener explores the ramped up 21st century digitalization of the social world, while reaching back to the most ancient of manuscript cultures. In Part 1, all is queried: Gilgamesh, God, the Cloud, the Bible, Bob Dylan, technologies of the book, and CNN’s Crimes ... Read more

Fresh Pack of Smokes

By Cassandra Blanchard


“This night in Oppenheimer Park Dan asked me to shit-kick this chick in the face as she owed money and I said no because I didn’t know who she was and I wasn’t about to play with fire so he sat on the bench then stood up and did a flying kick twice to her chin and she ... Read more