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Building the West

Edited by Donald Luxton

Printed in two colours throughout and richly illustrated with over 600 photographs and duotones of these architects’ most important works, Building the West tells the stories, discovers the hopes and aspirations, and celebrates the successes and accomplishments of the early ... Read more


By Al Neil

A Canadian underground classic, an unredeemedly raw tale of sex, drugs and booze in the life of a Vancouver jazz musician in the early 1960s.

Fiery Soul

By Fraidie Martz
With Andrew Wilson

John Hirsch arrived in Winnipeg in 1947, a 17-year-old Hungarian orphan of the Holocaust, knowing no English. Ten years later, he co-founded the Manitoba Theatre Centre, establishing a model for regional theatres across North America. He went on to direct award-winning productions ... Read more

Final Fire

By Michael Mitchell

See the world through a photographer’s eyes

Final Fire is a companion piece to Mitchell’s much-praised 2004 memoir, The Molly Fire, a finalist for both the Writers’ Trust Drainie-Taylor Biography Prize and the Governor General’s Award for Non-fiction, and a Globe and ... Read more

Gaston Petit - The Kimono and the Cross

By Linda Ghan & X X

When most of us consider life in the priesthood, a cloistered, removed existence comes to mind. But Gaston Petit belies the stereotype. A widely travelled Dominican priest, Petit has earned an international reputation for his art, achieving renown in painting, stained glass, ... Read more

Hanging Fred and a Few Others

By Nick Fonda

Quebec’s Eastern Townships are home to a higher concentration of artists than anywhere else in Canada. With his starting and finishing point being Frederick Coburn (1871–1960), arguably Canada’s best-known painter at the peak of his career, author Nick Fonda sets out to ... Read more

He Who Laughs, Lasts

By Josh Freed

There's only one antidote to our speed-crazed, tech-obsessed, gluten-sensitive, password-plagued, financially-jittery, fitness-phobic, fatness-fearing world--and that's laughter. He Who Laughs, Laststakes the hassles and headaches of everyday life and converts them by alchemy ... Read more

I Remember Horsebuns

By Rafe Mair

Known to most as a polarizing figure in Canadian and British Columbian politics, and an outspoken voice in print and radio, Rafe Mair shares with his readers the side to him that is entirely human, relatable, and even loving in his latest memoir, I Remember Horsebuns. Above ... Read more