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Deep Salt Water

By Marianne Apostolides
Illustrated by Catherine Mellinger

Deep Salt Water is a stirring memoir about loss and abortion, expressed through the layering of imagery from the ocean. In detail at once sensual and sophisticated, Apostolides unfurls the emotional experience of a love affair and unwanted pregnancy, the abortion itself, and ... Read more

Deep Too

By Stan Dragland

Employing a sort of leaping or mosaic structure and incorporating e-mails re penis-enlargement, questionable limericks, jokes, graffiti and a photo of a "penis latte," along with personal anecdote and probes of books and films, Deep Too is a book of non-fiction stories. It is ... Read more


By Maurice Mierau

In 2005, Maurice Mierau and his wife, Betsy, travelled to Ukraine to adopt two small boys, age three and five. After weeks of delays while navigating a tangled bureaucracy, they returned to Canada as a proud new family of four.

Now what?

Does fatherhood begin the moment that the ... Read more

Dispatches from Ray's Planet

By Claire Finlayson

As a child, Claire's big brother Ray was always bright and inquisitive, but as the two became teenagers, Ray struggled to acquire the social skills that came more easily to others. Claire tried to help, pointing out (after Ray's many "bloopers") what he should or shouldn't have ... Read more


By Sky Curtis

Everyone knows someone who has been abused by a doctor and this book, a moving true story, is about the devastating impact of sexual abuse and one woman’s steely determination to recover and find justice. Sky Curtis is a successful writer who goes to her family doctor for ... Read more

Don't Forget the Parsley

By Marie Claire Lim Moore

Marie Claire Lim Moore builds on her first memoir, Don't Forget the Soap, offering more entertaining stories about her family in this follow up. Like her first book, Don't Forget the Parsley is a collection of anecdotes from different points in Claire's life: stories from her ... Read more

Done Hunting

By Martin Hunter

The final installment of the critically acclaimed memoir series

Done Hunting brings Martin Hunter’s memoirs to a close, sharing adventures and observations from his sixth to ninth decades. With descriptions of theatrical productions he’s written and directed, it also provides ... Read more

Dying to Live

By Pierre-Claver Ndacyayisenga
Translated by Casey Roberts
Preface by Phil Taylor

Pierre-Claver Ndacyayisenga was teaching history in Kigali, Rwanda, when he was forced to flee to the neighboring Congo with his wife and three children. Thus began a harrowing five-year voyage of survival during which they travelled thousands of miles on foot from one refugee ... Read more