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This One Wild Life

By Angie Abdou


From the author of Canada Reads finalist The Bone Cage.

Includes research on the shy child, parent-child bonding, social media issues, and the benefits of outdoor activity and nature immersion.

Disillusioned with overly competitive organized sports and concerned about her ... Read more

To Touch a Dream

By Sunny Wright

This warm-hearted memoir tells the story of the dream of many North Americans: to throw up a dull job and journey into the wilderness to live off the land. Sunny Wright does exactly that when she decides at age twenty-eight to quit working at a "man-sized job for a female wage" ... Read more

Too Close to the Falls

By Catherine Gildiner

Heartbreaking and wicked: a memoir of stunning beauty and remarkable grace. Improbable friendships and brushes with death. A schoolgirl affecting the course of aboriginal politics. Elvis and cocktails and Catholicism and the secrets buried deep beneath a place that may be another, ... Read more


By Genni Gunn

Tracks is a compilation of personal travel essays that range across three continents: from Italy, where Genni Gunn was born and spent her early years, to Canada and Mexico, and through Asia, where she has travelled many times, both reconnecting with her sister and witnessing ... Read more


By Alexandra Karb

When Alexandra attempts to end an abusive marriage, her husband Tareq abducts their infant daughters from their Montreal home and deposits them with his family in a primitive village in Jordan. Trying to retrieve them through legal means, Alexandra comes face to face with Arab ... Read more

Travels by Night

By George Fetherling

Travels by Night, long a national bestseller, is George Fetherling's account of surmounting every obstacle as a despised minority to become a fixture in Canadian culture. A book with a broad cast of characters ranging from Margaret Atwood to John Lennon to Marshall McLuhan--and ... Read more

True Story

By Mike Holmes

True Story is an illustrated collection of short memoirs. A compendium of stories submitted by everyday people, edited, illustrated-and occasionally exaggerated-by comic artist Mike Holmes. Holmes presents more than 100 comics in his familiar style, bringing middle school embarrassments, ... Read more

Two Wheels Through Terror

By Glen Heggstad

Glen Heggstad is an adventure motorcyclist who seeks out and rides the most