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As You Were

By Gerry Fostaty

SUMMER, 1974 — Six teenaged boys died and fifty-four were injured in an explosion on a Canadian Forces Base in Valcartier, Quebec. A live grenade inadvertently made its way into a box of dud ammunition, and its pin was pulled during a lecture on explosives safety. One hundred ... Read more

Back Roads

By Ted Ferguson

After collapsing from stress in a posh Vancouver restaurant, Ted Ferguson decides to abandon his workaholic lifestyle and move his family to the secluded back roads of Northern Alberta, where electricity and indoor plumbing are a luxury and surviving another winter is a blessing. ... Read more

Balancing Bountiful

By Mary Jayne Blackmore

As the daughter of Mormon leader Winston Blackmore, Mary Jayne Blackmore grew up within the closed-off polygamist community of Bountiful, BC. She spent her younger years riding ponies, raising pet lambs and playing in the hay in the Old Barn. Her family's staunch Fundamentalist ... Read more

Bay of Hope

By David Ward


A “come from away” exploring love, loneliness, and adventure in remote Newfoundland

Part memoir, part nature writing, part love story, Bay of Hope is an occasionally comical, often adversarial, and always emotional story about the five years ecologist David Ward lived in ... Read more

Be Scared of Everythng

By Peter Counter

Slinging ectoplasm, tombstones, and chainsaws with aplomb, Be Scared of Everything is a frighteningly smart celebration of horror culture that will appeal to both horror aficionados and casual fans. Combining pop culture criticism and narrative memoir, Counter’s essays consider ... Read more

Best Seat in the House

By Tom Stephen
With Keith Elliot Greenberg


For 15 years, Tom Stephen had the unique distinction of being both drummer and manager of the Jeff Healey Band. The dual role was fraught with conflicts of interest. One minute, he was leading the debauched life of a rock musician; the next, he was disciplining the band for ... Read more

Big Rig

By Don McTavish

Come along for a ride with big rig truckers as they. ..- experience life on the road as a rookie behind the big wheel. - meet colorful dudes like Lonesome Len, The Pistol Packin' Partner, Zorro, Chrome Stack, Yabba Dabba, and "Little" John. - battle wild weather and treacherous ... Read more

Big Rig 2

By Don McTavish

Join McTavish and his fellow haulers as they. ..- hunt down and retrieve a stolen rig. - sweat bullets hauling burning boxcars and molten steel. - park a bulldozer in a living room to keep it warm. - slip, slide, and spin up and down icy inclines and muddy trails. - reveal the ... Read more