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A House Without Spirits

By David Homel

When Paul is hired to write a monograph of the Montreal photographer John Marchuk, he assumes he'll be able to turn over the eccentric project in a matter of weeks. Little does he know that over the next few months his visits with Marchuk, in a house stuffed with boxes stacked ... Read more

Bernini's Elephant

By Jane Callen

Albert Einstein noted that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another. Kat, a middle-aged marketing executive from Vancouver, ponders the truth behind Einstein’s law as she tours the antiquities of Italy. In Pompeii, volcanic ash remains in ... Read more

Body on Mount Royal, The

By Montrose David
Introduction by Kevin Burton Smith

Finally, after 58 years The Body on Mount Royal is back in print, starring hard-drinking private dick, Russell Teed.

From the back cover of the 1953 edition:
Take a brutally beaten body, a lonely spot on Montreal's famous mountain, and a buxum brunette whose embrace brings treachery. ... Read more

Border Markers

By Jenny Ferguson

Shortlistedfor the Cover Design Award at the 2016 Alberta Book Publishing Awards!

Afterthe accidental death of a teenaged friend, the Lansing family has split alongfault lines previously hidden under a patina of suburban banality. Every familyhas secrets, but for the Lansings ... Read more

Border Markers

By Jenny Ferguson

After the accidental death of a high school-aged friend, the Lansing family has split along fault lines previously hidden under a patina of suburban banality. Every family's got secrets, but for the Lansings those secrets end up propelling them away from the border town of Lloydminster ... Read more

Cape Diamond

By Ron Corbett


Cape Diamond, the second book in the Frank Yakabuski Mystery series, is atmospheric and action-packed. Set near the Northern Divide — as was the first installment, Edgar Award nominee (Best Paperback Original), Ragged Lake — the book opens with Yakabuski called to investigate ... Read more

Carve the Heart

By A.G. Pasquella

Ex-con Jack Palace returns in a world of violence, heartbreak, and revenge.

Cassandra, the woman who broke Jack Palace’s heart, is suddenly back in his life. She owes $600,000 to a brutal gangster who has threatened her life, and she needs Jack’s help. Things start to get ... Read more


By Pan Bouyoucas
Translated by Maureen Labonté

What to do when your fictional sleuth refuses to die? A detective writer's attempts at writing his masterpiece.

A very successful detective fiction writer, Leo Basilius, decides to bring his popular crime series to a close and take a sabbatical on the Greek island of Nysa where, ... Read more