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Captured Hearts

By Melynda Jarratt

Imagine you're a young woman caught up in the ugly reality of war. You meet and fall in love with a young soldier from a foreign country. You marry and your world is upended: when the war ends, you leave all you've ever known behind — your family, friends, and way of life ... Read more

Cleopatra at the Breakfast Table

By Peter O'Brien

Cleopatra at the Breakfast Table is about storytelling in the digital age. It's a jaunty account of a single father, 55, and his daughter, 15, studying Grade 10 Latin together. The book explores the bustling life of teenaged girls, the expanding influence of technology, the ... Read more

For Better or For Worse

By Lynn Johnston, Katherine Hadway, and Amber Landgraff

For thirty years, cartoonist Lynn Johnston made daily additions to what would become a monumental body of work: her newspaper comic strip, For Better or For Worse. Chronicling the daily lives of the middle-class suburbanite Patterson family — Elly and John and their children, ... Read more


By Vicki Murphy

I always knew I’d be the perfect mother. So far, I’ve perfected the fetal position. When Vicki Murphy brought her new baby home from the hospital, she expected to be greeted by fluttering butterflies and harp-strumming cherubs. You know: the way it is in diaper commercials ... Read more

Pour le meilleur et pour le pire

By Lynn Johnston, Katherine Hadway, and Amber Landgraff
Illustrated by Lynn Johnston

La bédéiste Lynn Johnston a construit jour après jour ce qui allait devenir une œuvre considérable : sa bande dessinée Pour le meilleur et pour le pire qui a paru dans les journaux tous les jours durant trente ans. Elle y racontait le quotidien des Patterson, une famille ... Read more

The Dad Dialogues

By George Bowering & Charles Demers

Charles Demers is a thirtysomething comedian and the author of three books; George Bowering is eighty, Canada's first poet laureate, and the author of more than eighty books. Charlie and George are also the best of friends. And the fathers of daughters.

In this unique book of ... Read more