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Saints, Unexpected

By Brent van Staalduinen

When fifteen-year-old Mutton is robbed at gunpoint while working in her mother’s Hamilton thrift store, the thief makes off with an item that she knows isn’t meant for him, hurling Mutton and her family into a summer of remarkable and heartbreaking events. From fighting ... Read more

Send More Tourists...the Last Ones Were Delicious

By Tracey Waddleton

With birth, death, contemplation, and close calls, Send More Tourists… the Last Ones Were Delicious explores how we respond to the weight of social expectations. From the hidden pressures of wall paint and tarot card predictions, to the burden of phone numbers and the dismembering ... Read more

Something Drastic

By Luke Inglis

Earl Qume's poisoned mind has altered his reality and transformed his surroundings into omnipresent threats. After his wife kicks him out and he finds himself on the run from the law, he escapes the concrete confines of Toronto to find refuge in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. ... Read more

Stella Atlantis

By Susan Perly

It's 2016, and there's a new president in the White House. The world is on edge, and celebrated novelist Johnny Coma, survivor of a bomb test in the Nevada desert and the subsequent disintegration of his marriage to photographer Vivienne Pink, must face the one trauma he can ... Read more

Still Me

By Jeffrey John Eyamie

Golf is the only way I know to control time. It happens in the millisecond of that focused backswing, right before the violence of intention.

When I escape time, I escape memory. In that way, golf is an alchemy. A magick. I am a practicing magician.

When James Khoury discovers ... Read more


By Clea Young

In this collection of short stories, Clea Young navigates the whitewater of relationships—familial and romantic, between friends new and old. The stories in Teardown seize on instances that, at the outset, appear benign—a woman encountering an old boyfriend on a BC ferry, ... Read more

The Baudelaire Fractal

By Lisa Robertson

One morning, Hazel Brown awakes in a badly decorated hotel room to find that she’s written the complete works of Charles Baudelaire. In her bemusement the hotel becomes every cheap room she ever stayed in during her youthful perambulations in 1980s Paris … This is the legend ... Read more