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A Year at River Mountain

By Michael Kenyon

Part intellectual mystery and part spiritual adventure, A Year at River Mountain tells the story of an aging actor from Vancouver who has immersed himself in monastic life inChina and is now examining his past as an actor, husband,and father. As his Western consciousness grapples ... Read more

Aberhart Summer, The

By Bruce Allen Powe

It is the summer of 1935, and while young Doug Sayers is spending the summer going to movies and sneaking cigarettes and his friend Babe Roothe is discovering women, William Aberhart and the Social Credit Party are promising twenty-five dollars a month for everyone in Alberta. ... Read more


By Kaie Kellough

Finalist for the 2017 Amazon. ca First Novel Award

Accordéon is an experimental novel, a piercing deconstruction of Québécois culture, an ode to Montréal--a city where everything happens at once and all realities exist simultaneously. Against a satirical Ministry of Culture ... Read more


By Catherine Bush

Selected as an Amazon. ca Best Book of 2013, a Canada Reads Top 40 Pick, and a NOW Magazine Book of the Year

An accusation, regardless of truth, has its own life when let loose in the world.

Accusation, hailed by the Globe and Mail as "a psychological thriller . . . deeply considered, ... Read more

Acqua Sacra

By Keith Henderson

Everything seems broken in Suzanna Ricci's life. Only 42, her marriage to Len has disintegrated. Her relationship to their teenage boys, Robin and Logan, is in need of repair. Now her mother, 'that martial soul,' wants her to restore the family home in Acqua Sacra, damaged by ... Read more


By Loren Edizel

John arrives in a Montreal airport with a suitcase in hand. We donot know where he is from, or who he is. He takes up work as anight-shift nurse and writes his reflections and impressions in anotebook that he carries with him at all times. By means of thesepersonal entries, ... Read more