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Western Light, The

By Susan Swan

Mouse’s world is constrained by a number of factors: her mother is dead, her father – the admired country doctor – is emotionally distant, her housekeeper Sal is prejudiced and narrow, and her grandmother and aunt, Big Louie and Little Louie, the only life-affirming presences ... Read more

Western Taxidermy

By Barb Howard

"Roadkill stuffed and presented as art, an OB/GYN appointment gone horribly wrong, and government spies with a weakness for salmon bagels and Timmy Ho’s. Tender, satirical, and occasionally absurd, Barb Howard’s new story collection Western Taxidermy is a perfect introduction ... Read more

What birds can only whisper

By Julie Brickman

Kendra Quillan, the leader of a feminist band in Toronto, journeys from imminent career success back into her past to confront her troubled childhood. “Bold is too heartless a word for Julie Brickman’s stunning first novel: brave. Fresh is too tame for her sizzling style—try ... Read more

What Can't Be Undone

By dee Hobsbawn-Smith

In her first collection of short fiction dee Hobsbawn-Smith creates protagonists struggling to navigate the domestic troubles common to life everywhere, including children attempting to make their parents proud, the disintegrating of romantic relationships, and dealing with ... Read more

What Had Become of Us

By Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer's haunting "What Had Become of Us," is from her 2003 debut book of short fiction, Way Up. Published on the occasion of Goose Lane Editions's 60th anniversary, it is also part of the six@sixty collection.

What Happened to Tom

By Peg Tittle

Inspired by Judith Jarvis Thomson's philosophical thought experiment "The Violinist," What Happened to Tom?? is a psychological and philosophical thriller, a horror story that any one of millions of people could, at any moment, experience. Tom, like many men, assumes that since ... Read more

What is Going to Happen Next

By Karen Hofmann

Karen Hofmann's empathetic and cathartic novel, What is Going to Happen Next, pieces together the lives of five members of the Lund family following their enforced dispersal after the death of the father and the hospitalization of the mother in the remote West Coast community ... Read more

What We All Want

By Michelle Berry

Michelle Berry’s brilliant first novel, What We All Want, is as touching as it is mirthful. Siblings Hilary, Thomas and Billy have been thrown together after a long estrangement to plan their mother’s funeral. For Thomas and Billy, the prospect of being back in their childhood ... Read more