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Fly in the Ointment, The

By Dr. Joe Schwarcz


Dr. Joe Schwarcz breaks down the fascinating chemistry all around us in this intriguing look at everyday science

From pesticides and environmental estrogens to lipsticks and garlic, the science that surrounds us can be mystifying. Why do some people drill holes in their heads ... Read more

Malignant Metaphor

By Alanna Mitchell


An unprecedented take on cancer and recovery

Winner of the Lane Anderson Award for Science Writing

“Mitchell does a convincing job sorting fact from fiction, diffusing fear, and challenging the manipulative language of fundraisers who aim for pocketbooks rather than intellectual ... Read more

Quack Quack

By Dr. Joe Schwarcz


Let the one and only Dr. Joe battle pseudoscience and cast a life preserver out to all those drowning in a sea of misinformation

“Ultimately, the author successfully demonstrates how claims should be queried and analyzed before they are accepted. ” — Library Journal

We ... Read more

Radar, Hula Hoops and Playful Pigs

By Dr. Joe Schwarcz

Why do Cretans live longer than other people? Why are the wrong combinations of certain foods and drugs lethal? Can brazil nuts prevent cancer? Why do peanut bags expand on airplane flights? Just what IS the connection between Silly Putty and Flubber? Is there a difference between ... Read more

The Origin of Feces

By David Waltner-Toews


The Origin of Feces takes an important subject out of locker-rooms, potty-training manuals, and bio-solids management boardrooms into the fresh air of everyone’s lives. With insight and wit, David Waltner-Toews explores what has been too often ignored and makes a compelling ... Read more