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The Faerie Devouring

Edited by Catherine Lalonde
Translated by Oana Avasilichioaei

A modern-day fable and mythic bildungsroman, The Faerie Devouring tells the story of a young girl raised by her grandmother (a stalwart matriarch and wicked fairy godmother) following her mother?s death during childbirth. The absent mother haunts the story of this girl whose ... Read more

The Fairy Tale Museum

By Susannah M. Smith

The Fairy Tale Museum is an alchemical curiosity-cabinet-as-novel that showcases the original, spectacular, grotesque, endearing, and otherworldly. You’ll meet bird-headed lovers, a cyborg cyclops, a fortune teller, revolutionary ventriloquists’ dummies, a narcoleptic vampire, ... Read more

The Little Washer of Sorrows

By Katherine Fawcett

The Little Washer of Sorrows is a collection of short stories that explores what happens when the expected and usual are replaced with elements of the rare and strange. The book's emotional impact is created with strong, richly drawn characters facing universal issues, but in ... Read more

The Walking Boy

By Lydia Kwa

The Walking Boy is a quest novel set in early eighth-century Tang Dynasty China, in the final days of the rule of the first Female Emperor Wu Zhao. The ailing hermit monk Harelip sends his disciple Baoshi on a pilgrimage from Mount Hua to Chang'an, the Western capital; Baoshi ... Read more

Too Far Gone

By Chadwick Ginther

War herald of the Nine Worlds, Ted Callan, must build a cage from Surtur's bones, unearth the Bright Sword, and vanquish the fire giant once and for all.

But there's a snag in his master plan to slay the monster and save the world.

Ted has no idea how to do it.

So he hits the ... Read more

Umboi Island

By J.J. Dupuis

The Creature X team travels to Papua New Guinea to investigate sightings of a surviving pterosaur.

Laura Reagan, host of Creature X, wants to leave North America behind and step out from the shadow of her father’s cryptozoological research. She leads her team to Umboi Island, ... Read more