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Daggers and Men's Smiles

By Jill Downie

On the English Channel Island of Guernsey, Detective Inspector Ed Moretti and his new partner, Liz Falla, investigate vicious attacks on Epicure Films. The international production company is shooting a movie based on British bad-boy author Gilbert Ensor’s bestselling novel ... Read more

Mussolini Also Did a Lot of Good

By Francesco Filippi
Translated by John Irving

Legend would have it that Mussolini put roofs over Italians? heads, developed the economy, had trains running on time, stood up for justice and against the mafia, protected the Jews from Nazi Germany, was a feminist, and put Italy on the map as a respected power. The founder ... Read more

Pigeon Soup & Other Stories

By Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli

Finalist, 2022 International Book Award for Fiction ? Short Story; Finalist, 2021 American Book Fest Best Book Award for Fiction ? Short Story.

The characters in Pigeon Soup & Other Stories are navigating relationships and grappling with issues of translocation, language and ... Read more

Possess the Air

By Taras Grescoe

A Globe and Mail Fall 2019 Book to Watch

Whoever you are, you are sure to be a severe critic of Fascism, and you must feel the servile shame. But even you are responsible for your inaction. Do not seek to justify yourself with the illusion that there is nothing to be done. That ... Read more


Edited by Lorna Jane Harvey

An inspiring and timely collection of stories about migration, written from twenty women’s perspectives.

Somewhere is an inspiring collection of stories about migration. Written from twenty women’s perspectives, it brings a refreshing and uniting voice to this compelling ... Read more

Southwest of Italy

By Federico Pacchioni

Southwest of Italy is an ode to the deep value of the things that are out of our control—history, place, emotion, coincidence, the community of friendship. The title refers to one of the most apparent intents of the text, which is to trace the relationship between Sardinia ... Read more

Summers in Supino

By Maria McLean

An Italian Canadian woman recounts her annual summer trips with her husband to her ancestral village of Supino, Italy, in this heartwarming hybrid of travel guide and memoir. Written with humor and heart, it describes her process of adjusting to life in her father's hometown, ... Read more