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Apple Tree, The

By Daphne du Maurier
Illustrated by Seth

A widower has a secret he’ll admit only to himself: Midge’s death from pneumonia comes as a relief. Yet now that he’s free of her hectoring demeanor, somehow he still feels her presence. Does he feel guilty? Or does that weather-beaten apple tree in the orchard bear an ... Read more

Old Nurse's Story, The

By Elizabeth Gaskell
Illustrated by Seth

After her parents pass away, young Rosamond is raised by her nurse in the ancestral home of her aunt, Miss Furnivall. One day the two uncover an exceptionally beautiful old portrait? A relative, distant or close? And is that the strange sound of a distant organ, or simply the ... Read more

Sundial, The

By R.H. Malden
Illustrated by Seth

When he returns to England from the Civil Service, a man takes up residence in an old country home. Enchanted by midsummer days in the garden, he decides to install a sundial. As he waits for it to be delivered, the days grow shorter and his dreams grow dark—and when the sundial ... Read more

Woman in Valencia, The

By Annie Perreault
Translated by Ann Marie Boulanger

While on vacation with her family in Valencia, Claire Halde witnesses a shocking event that becomes the catalyst for a protracted downward spiral and a profound personal unravelling as she struggles to come to grips with her role in the incident. This haunting novel, which unfolds ... Read more