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Reel Asian

By Elaine Chang
Edited by Elaine Chang

Founded in 1997 by producer Anita Lee and journalist Andrew Sun, the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival is a unique showcase of contemporary Asian cinema and work from the Asian diaspora. The festival fosters the exchange of cultural and artistic ideals between East ... Read more

Rock 'n' Radio

By Ian Howarth

Rock 'n' Radio illustrates that Montreal was at the epicentre of the rock radio revolution in Canada, eventually attracting talented DJs from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Their personal stories and the inevitable collision with the power of alternative FM rock radio in the late ... Read more

Scorpio Rising

By R.L. Cagle

The final book in the Queer Film Classics series is R. L. Cagle's take on Scorpio Rising (1963), Kenneth Anger's avant-garde short film that about gay Nazi bikers preparing for a race. The film marked Anger's spectacular return to the US underground cinema scene after an absence ... Read more


By Crissy Calhoun

Best friends, boyfriends, high school and haute couture ? Gossip Girl has gone from a guilty pleasure to becoming the show everyone is talking about, from Rolling Stone to Vanity Fair, from gossip columnists to President Obama. From its not-so-humble beginnings as a bestselling ... Read more

The Ancient Comedians and the Influence They Had on Contemporary Theatre

By Clem Martini

Nobody invented a sense of humour; that’s inherent. People have always laughed, joked, and shared comic stories. What the ancient Greeks and Romans did, however, was develop ways to express that comic sensibility in the theatre. Useful for those writing comedy for the theatre ... Read more

The Dears

By Lorraine Carpenter

Over a decade after the release of their first album, The Dears have weathered the indie fringes, the collapse of the music industry as we knew it and the near implosion of the band itself, with theircreative vision and gang dynamic intact. The Dears: Lost in the Plot looks ... Read more

The Decline of the Hollywood Empire

By Hervé Fischer
Translated by Rhonda Mullins

The Hollywood empire was built over the course of a century through hard-nosed business practices such as block booking, dumping and buying up the competition, turning the silver screen into a goldmine in the process. The business logic that has driven the industry since its ... Read more

The Doctors Are In

By Graeme Burk & Robert Smith?

Get acquainted with the eccentric alien known as the Doctor

From his beginnings as a crotchety, anti-heroic scientist in 1963 to his current place in British pop culture as the mad and dangerous monster-fighting savior of the universe, the titular character of Doctor Who has ... Read more