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Inside the West Wing

By Paul C Challen

For anyone who’s ever wished the American president’s name was Bartlet ?Since bursting onto the airwaves in 1999, The West Wing has emerged as one of North America’s favourite TV shows ? and for good reason. Through its snappy dialogue, Washington-insider references and ... Read more

Into the Looking Glass

By Sarah Stuart


Offering a holistic approach to television criticism, this analytical companion to the popular show Fringe examines the drama’s mythology and unveils its mysteries while exposing significant cultural issues addressed in each episode.

With a strong basis in science fiction, ... Read more

It Doesn’t Suck

By Adam Nayman

A new edition of the first book in the acclaimed Pop Classics series

The Worst. Movie. Ever. is a masterpiece. Seriously. Enough time has passed since Showgirls flopped spectacularly that it’s time for a good hard look back at the sequined spectacle. A salvage operation on a ... Read more

Kings of Madison Avenue

By Jesse McLean


Mad Men beguiles like a Christmas catalog of all the forbidden vices … a sleek, hard-boiled drama with a soft, satirical core. ” —New York Times

“If this is the future of TV, the future’s looking good. ” — USA Today

Not since a certain mob boss battled anxiety ... Read more

Kino Delirium

By Caelum Vatnsdal

Interviews, criticism, photographs, Maddin's own memoires and more make up this first comprehensive exploration of the life and work of Guy Maddin, who is the youngest filmmaker to have won the Telluride Lifetime Achievement Award, which places him in the company of the giants ... Read more

Lives of the Poets (with Guitars)

By Ray Robertson

Lives of the Poets (with Guitars) picks up where Samuel Johnson left off nearly 250 years ago, collecting biographical and critical portraits of 13 of rock & roll, blues, folk, and alt-country's most inimitable artists. These often irreverent essays offer a riotous, toe-tapping ... Read more

Lost Ate My Life

Foreword by Javier Grillo-Marxuach
By Amy J. Johnston


?“Lost Ate my Life!” is not the authors’ self-referential statement. Instead, it is the collective cry of the hardened fan base for ABC’s pop-culture phenomenon. The book has two central ideas: first, that the creators of Lost created a shift in the thinking of online ... Read more

Love to Love You Bradys

By Ted Nichelson
Commentaries by Susan Olsen
Designed by Lisa Sutton

After decades under lock and key, Hollywood’s best kept secret is about to be revealed. Love to Love You Bradys: The Bizarre Story of The Brady Bunch Variety Hour is an in-depth look at the most disastrous offering in television history brought to you by Cindy Brady herself, ... Read more