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Drawing Dead

By Rick Gadziola


An ex-cop gambles with his life in Las Vegas in this “fast-moving” mystery (Booklist)

Jake Morgan, who left the Boston police force and wound up in Vegas thanks to his taste for games of chance, finds himself hitting it off with a beautiful high roller in her sumptuous ... Read more

Every City Is Every Other City

By John McFetridge


WINNER of the Private Eye Writers of America’s Shamus Awards

Behind the scenes, nothing is what it seems.

Gord Stewart, 40 years old, single, moved back into his sub­urban childhood home to care for his widowed father. But his father no longer needs care and Gord is stuck ... Read more

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

By John McFetridge


The joke? Toronto thinks it’s the centre of some multicultural universe, always bragging about how people come from every part of the world to live there.

The punch line?

Some of them are coming to commit crimes.

So yeah, Sharon MacDonald’s got a problem.

And no, it’s ... Read more

Five Moves of Doom

By A.J. Devlin

Hired by local mixed martial arts trainer Elijah Lennox to find a missing UFC Championship belt, pro-wrestler PI “Hammerhead” Jed must extract answers from the tight-knit MMA community. Still consuming his weight in banana milkshakes, Jed ventures into a world of jewel thieves, ... Read more


By Rick Gadziola

The Deal: Jake Morgan, ex-cop, gambler, and casino dealer, reluctantly agrees to keep an eye on his boss’s great-niece during her visit to Vegas. When someone keeps trying to accost them and the bruises escalate with each encounter, Jake realizes that it isn’t a simple case ... Read more

Gambling With Fire

By David Montrose
Introduction by John McFetridge

"Austrian aristocrat Franz Loebek lands in Canada penniless, having lost everything in the violent upheavals brought by the Second World War. In Montreal he finds the Old World sophistication of London and Paris mixed with the youthful vibrancy of New York. But Loebek's adopted ... Read more


By Mike Knowles


A mob enforcer is pulled back into his old life in this “terrific read” (Ken Bruen, Shamus Award–winning author of The Dramatist)

“Razor-edged prose and a sympathetic antihero lift Knowles’s no-holds-barred crime thriller . . . Readers who like their mean streets ... Read more

Hot Freeze

By Douglas Sanderson
Introduction by Brian Busby

It was cold; bitterly paralysingly cold. There was a dampness in the air that bit into the marrow of your bones and stayed there. The red in the thermometer was below zero and still dropping steadily, and the weather forecasts offered no immediate hope of a let up. The city ... Read more