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Starr Sign

By C.S. O'Cinneide

Candace Starr goes searching for her mother in the Detroit mob — but infiltrating her own crime family may be her deadliest assignment ever.

Candace Starr has fallen on hard times since she helped her friend, Detective Malone, with a murder case last year. These days, she ... Read more

Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street

By Al Palmer

One of the earliest Canadian noir novels, Sugar-Puss on Dorchester Street tells the story of Gisele Lepine, beautiful farmer’s daughter who leaves her sleepy faming community for the neon lights of Montreal. In the fast-paced city, dreams quickly turn to nightmares as the young ... Read more

The Body on Mount-Royal

By David Montrose

Finally, after 58 years The Body on Mount Royal is back in print, starring hard-drinking private dick, Russell Teed.

From the back cover of the 1953 edition:

Take a brutally beaten body, a lonely spot on Montreal’s famous mountain, and a bu

The Drop Zone

By Bob Kroll

A dark and suspenseful debut

Detective T.J. Peterson has a problem, and it’s not just how much he’s drinking or the daily, silent, tormenting video calls from his estranged daughter. A Catholic priest has been bludgeoned to death in church, apparently by a symbol of his faith, ... Read more

The Hell of It All

By Bob Kroll

“A stylish noir.” — The Globe and Mail on The Drop Zone

Retired detective T.J. Peterson is working the table scraps that his former partner, Danny Little, sometimes throws his way. One of them has Peterson hearing from a snitch about a body buried 30 years ago, the same ... Read more

The Toronto Series Bundle

By John McFetridge

Includes the novels Dirty Sweet, Everybody Knows this is Nowhere, and Swap. Road rage or a premeditated killing? Dirty Sweet is a fast-paced crime story that follows each character to a surprising end. In Everybody Knows this is Nowhere, detective Gord Bergeron has problems. ... Read more

The Wilson Mystery Omnibus

By Mike Knowles

Featuring the escapades of the enigmatic mafia gunman Wilson, this volume combines his first three adventures?DarwinÓ³ Nightmare, Grinder, and In Plain Sight?of the critically acclaimed Series. The first installment introduces the protagonist?a secretive figure who has spent ... Read more

Tin Men

By Mike Knowles

Three crooked cops going straight after a murderer

Woody was working on getting high when the phone rang. Dennis was on a date — it was a date he paid for, but a date all the same. Os had blood on his hands from a little extracurricular law enforcement. All three men picked ... Read more