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Never Play Another Man's Game

By Mike Knowles

Following the first three installments in the mafia enforcerÓ³ adventures, this whodunit finds Wilson taking up with his old partner, Ruby. The pair set out to take down an armored car carrying a huge payday, but thereÓ³ one problem?RubyÓ³ kid Rick is the one who scouted ... Read more

Poughkeepsie Shuffle

By Dietrich Kalteis

Jeff Nichols — a man strong of conviction but weak of character — is fresh out of the Don Jail, looking for work — any kind of work — and a way back into Ann Ryan’s good graces. She waited for his return from prison but is quickly running short on patience. An ex-inmate ... Read more

Rocks Beat Paper

By Mike Knowles

“Merciless but honest about being monstrous, Wilson is worthy to stand next to Loren Estleman’s Peter Macklin and Donald Westlake’s Parker.” — Publishers Weekly

A phone call brought Wilson and nine other men to a job in New York. At first, he couldn’t see a way to ... Read more

Rolling Thunder

By A.J. Devlin

Former pro wrestler "Hammerhead" Jed Ounstead, now a fully-fledged private investigator, is riding high after his first successful case. In this second episode, Jed leaves the wrestling realm to enter a new arena: women's flat-track roller derby. When old acquaintance Stormy ... Read more

Ruby Tuesday

By Mike Harrison

Eddie Dancer returns for another escapade in this hard-edged and witty mystery. When Paul Menzies?an out of shape, middle-aged, advertising executive?is fired, he cannot imagine anything making his day worse. However, when he walks into an argument at an ATM machine that turns ... Read more

Running from the Dead

By Mike Knowles


“Combining the intense grit of Richard Stark’s Parker series with the amorality of Jim Thompson’s work, Knowles once again delivers. ” — Publishers Weekly, starred review of Rocks Beat Paper

Private detective Sam Jones’s six-year search for an eight-year-old boy ... Read more

Season of Smoke

By A.G. Pasquella

It looks like ex-con Jack Palace’s troubles will never end when he is pressured by the mob to kill one of his best friends.

Jack Palace is trying to go legit with his own security company — but his old life keeps trying to pull him back in. A mobster named Sammy DiAngelo ... Read more