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By Joan Marie Galat

“Details about the space station come alive as the story unfolds. A fun read and the 27 chapters move along at a quick pace. A perfect addition to the middle grade shelves. ” — Greg Pattridge, Always in the Middle…

A spot on the International Space Station (ISS) has opened ... Read more

Once Upon an Iceberg

By Sheilah Lukins
Illustrated by Laurel Keating

When the dog’s away, the mice go on an adventure!

Errol is off on another adventure! With his new-found friend Gus, Errol travels to Twillingate to help search for Gus’s father. In the course of his search, he finds treasures on the beach, almost floats away with the icebergs, ... Read more


By Angela Misri

Being the greatest zombie fighter of all time is a lot for one animal, but Emmy’s the perfect hamster for the job. Fire, rage, and fury are her weapons of choice and woe to the undead human who crosses her path. That is, until the mammals she lives with invite a weasel, of ... Read more