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Finding Lost - Season Four

By Nikki Stafford


“The Finding Lost series is quite simply the best Lost resource for fans. Not only is the information concise and complete, Nikki Stafford’s commentary is insightful, relevant, and entertaining. No matter how well you know the show, Stafford’s analysis of the themes and ... Read more

Finding Lost - Season Six

By Nikki Stafford


“Nikki Stafford is a godsend to Lost enthusiasts in particular and TV lovers in general. I’ve written about TV for several years, and have always valued her opinion and insights on all things television. ” — Amanda Cuda, Connecticut Post

Author Nikki Stafford has established ... Read more

Finding Lost - Season Three

By Nikki Stafford


The second instalment in the critically acclaimed, bestselling Finding Lost series

“Stafford brings the symbolism, themes, and mythology to the forefront, so that casual viewers and devoted fans have a better understanding of what is happening in each episode. ” — About. ... Read more

Finding Lost - Seasons One & Two

By Nikki Stafford


The first book in the critically acclaimed, bestselling Finding Lost series brings you an analysis of seasons 1 and 2 in one volume.

If you’re feeling as lost as the castaways on the show, Finding Lost is the crucial companion guide to help you unravel the mysteries of the ... Read more

Frak You!

By Jo Storm

Both "Time" and "Newsweek" magazines have declared Sci Fi Channel's reimagined "Battlestar Galactica" the best show on television. Spanning from the original 1970s series through the current show's third season, Frak You! provides fans and newcomers alike with all they need ... Read more

Gentlemen of the Shade

By Jen Sookfong Lee


Gus Van Sant’s film and the ’90s cult of the alternative

Gus Van Sant’s 1991 indie darling My Own Private Idaho perplexed and provoked, inspiring a new ethos for a new decade: being different was better than being good. Gentlemen of the Shade examines how the film was ... Read more

In My Humble Opinion

By Soraya Roberts


A smart, engaging investigation of the show that brought real teens to TV

My So-Called Life lasted only 19 episodes from 1994 to 1995, but in that time it earned many devoted viewers, including the showrunners who would usher in the teen TV boom of the late ’90s and the new ... Read more

Inside the West Wing

By Paul C Challen

For anyone who’s ever wished the American president’s name was Bartlet ?Since bursting onto the airwaves in 1999, The West Wing has emerged as one of North America’s favourite TV shows ? and for good reason. Through its snappy dialogue, Washington-insider references and ... Read more