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A Christmas Story

By Caseen Gaines


For the thousands who love the offbeat Yuletide classic A Christmas Story comes a delightful gift book with rare and previously unreleased photographs, behind-the-scenes knowledge, and interviews with the stars of the beloved film.

Learn about the special effects required ... Read more

Best Served Cold

By Erin Balser


Revenge has never been so sweet.

A critical and commercial hit, Revenge was followed fanatically for each of its four seasons. Consistently the #1 show in its timeslot, Revenge was ABC’s biggest primetime hit since Lost, and the first series to match the kind of success ... Read more

Bite Me!

By Nikki Stafford


It’s been 10 years since Buffy Summers first walked into the Sunnydale High library and came face-to-face with her Watcher, who told her she was the Chosen One who would save the world from vampires. In the seven seasons that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on TV, we watched ... Read more

Chasing Zebras

By Barbara S. Barnett


“I look for zebras because other doctors have ruled out all the horses. ” — Dr. Gregory House

Medical students are taught that when they hear hoofbeats, they should think horses, not zebras, but Dr. House’s unique talent of diagnosing unusual illnesses made House, M. ... Read more

Don't Stop Believin'

By Erin Balser & Suzanne Gardner

The kids in McKinley High School’s glee club, New Directions, might not be the most popular, but Glee is unquestionably a runaway hit. Since its premiere in May 2009, Glee has exploded as one of the most popular hours on TV, earning an astounding 19 Emmy nominations in its ... Read more

Don’t Stop Believin’

By Erin Balser & Suzanne Gardner


“The ultimate resource for truly dedicated fans. ” — School Library Journal

The kids in McKinley High School’s glee club, New Directions, might not be the most popular, but for six years Glee was unquestionably a runaway hit. During its spectacular run from 2009–2015, ... Read more

Dream Given Form, A

By Ensley F. Guffey & K. Dale Koontz

The only comprehensive critical guide to the beloved sci-fi phenomenon

A Dream Given Form provides an accessible, comprehensive, and critical look at Babylon 5, one of the most groundbreaking series of all time. Nearly 20 years after the show ended, this indispensable companion ... Read more

Finding Lost - Season Five

By Nikki Stafford


“Nikki Stafford is a godsend to Lost enthusiasts in particular and TV lovers in general. I’ve written about TV for several years, and have always valued her opinion and insights on all things television. ” — Amanda Cuda, Connecticut Post

“If you want to know your ... Read more