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Feminism(s) on the Edge of the Millennium

Edited by Krista Hunt & Christine Saulnier

This book showcases the work and contribution of graduate students to current feminist debates and the development of 'new' feminist theory.

Feminist Politics, Activism and Vision

Edited by Luciana Ricciutelli, Angela Miles, and Margaret McFadden

This volume brings together essays of remarkable variety and fresh insights from leading feminists around the world. The engaged and sophisticated personal accounts, political speeches and academic articles collected here reveal a vibrant and multifaceted transnational feminist ... Read more

Feminist Utopias

Edited by Margrit Eichler, June Larkin, and Sheila Neysmith

Like feminism, utopias are intended to bring about shifts in consciousness by critiques of the status quo. In this brilliant collection of articles, authors examine feminist utopias, highlighting what they see as visionary, exciting and useful, as well as the pitfalls. By operating ... Read more

Gynocritics/La Gynocritique

Edited by Barbara Godard

The Dialogue Conference at York University provided an opportunity for a number of scholars to bring a feminist perspective to women`s writing in Québec and the rest of Canada. The essays in this volume explore women as readers and writers; the collection concludes with the ... Read more

Hammer & Nail

By Kate Braid

In 1977, Kate Braid began work as one of the first women to stumble (literally) into construction. Since then, feminism, the #MeToo movement, pay equity legislation and other efforts have led to more women in a wider variety of careers. Yet, the number of women in blue-collar ... Read more

Hard To Do

By Kelli María Korducki

From Jane Austen to Taylor Swift, a look at the surprising politics of romantic love and its dissolution.

Whatever the underlying motives – be they love, financial security, or mere masochism – the fact is that getting involved in a romantic partnership is emotionally, morally, ... Read more

Heavy Flow

By Amanda Laird

Finalist for the 2020 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize in Nonfiction

What do you know about your menstrual cycle?

Your menstrual cycle is your fifth vital sign — a barometer of health and wellness that is as telling as your pulse or blood pressure. Yet most of us see our periods as ... Read more

Hungry Mirror, The

By Lisa de Nikolits

An engaging novel about body image, eating disorders, diet myths and the big fat fabrications and lies that the media forces us to swallow. A compelling, entertaining story infused with fascinating little-known facts about ancient goddesses, curious New Age remedies, the foibles ... Read more