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Enid Strange

By Meghan Rose Allen

Enid has never fit in with kids her age. They don’t speak the way she does, and they never get accused of cheating by teachers who refuse to believe Enid, and not an adult, writes at such an adult level. They’re not like Enid at all.

And they also can’t see the faeries. ... Read more

Into Coraira

By Jaime Lee Mann

The Kingdom of Falmoor has been freed of its curse. The evil one, banished to the dark realm. Finally reunited after an eight year separation, Asher and Ariana Caine learn they possess magic--a magic more powerful when they're together. But the Caine twins don't have much time ... Read more

Jack and the Green Man

By Andy Jones
Illustrated by Darka Erdelji

Jack o' Hearts is the top card player in the parish, and is feeling pretty sure of himself. When a mysterious green stranger challenges him to a card game with higher than high stakes — well, Jack can't resist. Sure, he's never lost a tournament yet, has he?Jack is as saucy ... Read more

Josh and the Magic Vial

By Craig Spence

Josh Dempster fantasizes about achieving material success with the comic book series that he is drawing from visions in his sleep. But this street-savvy twelve year old is unaware that destiny has more in store for him than a BMW and a plush office for daydreaming. Craig Spence ... Read more

Keeper of the Trees, The

By Beverley Brenna

This modern fantasy novel set in London - for children ages 8 to 12 - tells the story of Elizabeth, a twelve-year-old Canadian girl who feels homesick and lonely after her mother's death when her father moves them to London. Soon, however, she meets an assortment of unusual ... Read more


By Isabelle Tremblay-Tanguay

L'été précédant sa dernière année de secondaire, Rachel et sa famille profitent des vacances au bord du lac, jusqu'à ce que quelqu'un tente de la tuer, mais échoue. À partir de ce moment, Rachel sent la présence d'étranges ombres noires qui la suivent et lui font ... Read more

Polly MacCauley's Finest, Divinest, Woolliest Gift of All

By Sheree Fitch
Illustrated by Darka Erdelji

From one of Canada's most loved and lauded children's writers comes a new tale about the joy of making things, the strength of community, and the warm reach of generosity. This beautifully illustrated storybook blends poetry and prose, infused with Fitch's trademark wit and ... Read more

Sea Change

By Linda Smith

Sea Change, part two of "The Freyan Trilogy continues the adventures of Kerstin Speller, the 16 year old apprentice wizard who has a precocious gift for spellcraft. In Sea Change, Kerstin travels with her wizard father to the Misty Isles where, shrouded by fog and magical ... Read more