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The Queen of Paradise's Garden

By Andy Jones
Illustrated by Darka Erdelji

Jack, the delightful, mischievous, big-hearted hero of so many Newfoundland tales, is worried about his parents. They aren't getting any younger; in fact, they're really quite old. So Jack and his brothers Bill and Tom decide to set out and find a magic fruit that will make ... Read more

The Secret of Bowring Park

By Christine Gordon Manley
Illustrated by Laurel Keating

Every child who has ever visited the Peter Pan statue in Bowring Park, St. John's, swears it is magic. They know that the mice, squirrels, rabbits, and fairies are never in the same place as the last time they visited. Some say they've seen Peter wink at them, and others believe ... Read more

The Snow Queen

By Eileen Kernaghan

In this reworking of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, the magical worlds of Saami shamanism and the Kalevala coexist with the polite Victorian society of nineteenth-century Scandanavia. At a time when traditional faith is challenged by modern science, the old pagan gods ... Read more

The Spiral Maze

By Patricia Bow

The Spiral Maze is Bow’s most ambitious novel so far, combining the pace and tension of the best adventure stories, with a brilliant conceived "other world" which in fact grew from the warped imagination of the protagonist’s undead, tyrranical ancestor.

The Spiral ... Read more

The Tomorrow Tunnel

By Kristen Butcher

"The front of the book was silver, except for a dull black circle that resembled a bottomless hole. Ashleigh wondered what it meant – The Tomorrow Tunnel." Strangely enough, Ashleigh never gets very far into the book without falling asleep; but the dreams she has, ... Read more

The Turning Time

By Linda Smith

The third book in the popular Freyan Trilogy, The Turning Time picks up the adventures of Kerstin Speller, now eighteen years old, as she returns to her homeland and finds she must once again fight prejudice against her friends from neighbouring Uglessia, Freya’s old rival ... Read more

Valley of the Rats

By Mahtab Narsimhan

Book nerd Krish hates the outdoors, and camping. But especially germs. When Krish and his father, Kabir, take a camping trip to Ladakh, he convinces himself that they will bond, despite their differences.

When they’re lost in a bamboo forest, teeming with black rats, and germs, ... Read more