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Then Now

By Daphne Marlatt

Then Now is a book about memory, family, catastrophe, immigration, and colonialism prompted by the discovery of letters written by Marlatt’s father, Arthur Buckle. Buckle, a young chartered accountant, left England in the early 1930s to join a British accounting firm in multiracial ... Read more

This Will Be Good

By Mallory Tater

Mallory Tater's This Will Be Good tells the story of a young woman's burgeoning femininity as it brushes up against an emerging eating disorder. As the difficulties of her disease reveal themselves, they ultimately disrupt family relationships and friendships.

These poems deftly ... Read more

Umbilical Cord

By Hasan Namir

Dear Child
Once upon a time
Your baba fell in love with your dad
We got married and dreamt of having a baby
A roller coaster of emotions and feelings
We were always hopeful

Lambda Literary and Stonewall Book Award-winner Hasan Namir shares a joyful collection about parenting, fatherhood ... Read more

We Were Like Everyone Else

By Ken Victor

Traversing the world from the Garden of Eden to a grandmother asking what’s a tweet, We Were Like Everyone Else explores the daily humanity of family, the folly of our politics, and a natural world that seems to offer the promise of consolation but never quite does. In poems ... Read more

What Fox Knew

By Mary Barnes

"His voice was as thick as pine resin when he began to read and as the words travelled down my spine." Mary Barnes has identified beauty in subtlety. What Fox Knew captures our gentle world in rich poems that calm and awaken. Amid landscape and truth, the quiet world we take ... Read more

What Your Hands Have Done

By Chris Bailey

What Your Hands Have Done looks at how life spent in a close-knit fishing family in rural Prince Edward Island marks a person. The book is rooted in PEI but moves from there to Toronto where the malaise of life proves to be unbound to the sameness of small-town days spent ... Read more

Wild Madder

By Brenda Leifso

Poems that stride bravely into the day-to-day, recovering the misdirected intensity at its core.


Brenda Leifso's Wild Madder is about way-finding--through those moments in which you no longer recognize where you are. It's about not knowing--who you are anymore, how to be in ... Read more

Winter's Cold Girls

By Lisa Baird

In her debut collection of poetry, Lisa Baird explores themes of trauma and recovery, everyday violence and queerness from a personal point of view as well as a wider political scope. These poems bear witness to the resilience of bodies and sexualities and are grounded in an ... Read more