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Sit How You Want

By Robin Richardson

Power and sex take centre stage in Robin Richardson's formidable third collection, Sit How You Want. Plane crashes and automobile mishaps are the backdrop for female narrators who grapple with terror, anxiety, and powerlessness: "When I say I'm fine I mean the sky has opened ... Read more

South Away

By Meaghan Marie Hackinen

South Away follows Meaghan Marie Hackinen and her sister in the adventure of a lifetime: bicycling from Terrace, BC down the West Coast to (almost) the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Along the way Hackinen battles with the elements in Vancouver Island’s dense northern forests and ... Read more

Tell Them It Was Mozart

By Angeline Schellenberg

Linked poems that uncover the ache and whimsy of raising children on the autism spectrum.


Through public judgments, detouring dreams and unspoken prayers, Tell Them It Was Mozart, Angeline Schellenberg's debut collection, traces both a slow bonding and the emergence of a defiant ... Read more

The Counting House

By Sandra Ridley

Akin to a bookkeeper's accounting of what's given and taken in a fraught, uncertain exchange, The Counting House goes on to record the pageantry and pedantry of courtly affection gone awry. Symbols and origins of traditional rhymes involving kings and queens serve as inventory, ... Read more

The Dry Valley

By Bernadette Wagner

The Dry Valley encapsulates one woman's relationship with herself, her alcoholic spouse, and the world, in three different Saskatchewan landscapes. The poems offer a fascinating interplay between mindful explorations of self and immersions in the challenging complexities of ... Read more

The Infinite Park

By Peter Unwin

Occurring in the rooms and corridors where life is lived, these poems emerge from the spaces behind the sofa cushion where things get lost, and in the bedroom where people inhale and exhale together. The Infinite Park documents the ways each day comes undone, and celebrates the ... Read more

The Language We Were Never Taught to Speak

By Grace Lau

The poems in The Language We Were Never Taught to Speak explore the many identities, both visible and invisible, that a body contains. With influences from pop culture, the Bible, tech, and Hong-Kongese history, these pieces reflect and reveal how the stories of immigrants in ... Read more

their biography

By Kevin Eckhoff

Would it be possible to compose a book that appears to be "about" its author, but is indirectly about something else, like identity or relationships or language? Maybe a book not written by a hero. .. but by many?

This was the challenge taken up by Kevin McPherson Eckhoff in ... Read more