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Finding Home in the Promised Land

By Jane Harris

In 2013, a violent crime left Jane Harris seriously injured and tumbling down the social ladder toward homelessness -- for the second time in her life -- leading her to question the underlying conditions that could allow this to happen in a country like Canada. Finding Home ... Read more

From My Mother's Back

By Njoki Wane

In From My Mother’s Back: A Journey from Kenya to Canada, Njoki Wane introduces us to her mother, a woman of deep wisdom, and to all the richness of a life lived between two countries. A celebrated professor and award-winning teacher, she shares her journey from a Catholic ... Read more

In and Out of the Working Class

By Michael D. Yates

In a series of autobiographical essays written on the border between fiction and non-fiction, a radical economist considers what it means to live in and through the theories about class that have informed his work and teaching. Yates seeks to bring the complexity and ambiguity ... Read more

Revolutionary Ecological Legacy of Herbert Marcuse, The

By Charles Reitz

Inspired by the revolutionary legacy of Herbert Marcuse's social and political philosophy, this volume appeals to the energies of those engaged in a wide range of contemporary social justice struggles: ecosocialism, antiracism, the women's movement, LGBTQ rights, and antiwar ... Read more

Tracking the Caribou Queen

By Margaret Macpherson

In this challenging memoir about her formative years in Yellowknife in the '60s and '70s, author Margaret Macpherson lays bare her own white privilege, her multitude of unexamined microaggressions, and how her childhood was shaped by the colonialism and systemic racism that ... Read more


By James Doyle

Celebrates Margaret Fulton`s lifelong commitment to positive change and her role as an important catalyst in the ongoing process of social transformation.