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By Kate Blair

London, England, present day. This is the world as we know it, but with one key difference: medical science has found a way to remove diseases from the sick. The catch? They can only transfer the diseases into other living humans. The government now uses the technology to cure ... Read more

Universal Bureau of Copyrights

By Bertrand Laverdure
Translated by Oana Avasilichioaei

From celebrated Quebecois author Bertrand Laverdure comes Universal Bureau of Copyrights , a bold, strange and addictive story that envisions a world where free will doesn't exist, and an enigmatic global corporation buys and sells the copyrights for all things on Earth, including ... Read more


By Angela Misri

Being the greatest zombie fighter of all time is a lot for one animal, but Emmy’s the perfect hamster for the job. Fire, rage, and fury are her weapons of choice and woe to the undead human who crosses her path. That is, until the mammals she lives with invite a weasel, of ... Read more


By Doreen Vanderstoop

It is 2058, and the glaciers are gone. A catastrophic drought has hit the prairies. Willa Van Bruggen is desperately trying to keep her family goat farm afloat, hoping against hope that the new water pipeline arrives before the bill collectors do.

Willa's son, Daniel, goes to ... Read more

Welcome to the Weird America

By A.G. Pasquella

A. G. Pasquella’s Welcome to the Weird America brings together three of his brilliant, fabulist novellas, each of which is filled with strange language and extraordinary surprises. In Why Not a Spider Monkey Jesus?, written like a comic-book adventure without the images, a ... Read more

Wintermen II, The

By Brit Griffin

The nightmare of an endless winter is the least of the problems for Johnny Slaught and his rag tag group of climate chaos refugees. They've been surviving in a frontier town abandoned by a government that has lost control -- but their world is about to be rocked by the greatest ... Read more

Y Chromosome, The

By Leona Gom

The Y Chromosome challenges the reader to meet an all-woman society of the future. The few remaining men live in hiding. When one of these men is discovered, the resulting conflict threatens both worlds. The futurist society was developed by necessity and is far from perfect, ... Read more

Your Secrets Sleep With Me

By Darren O'Donnell

Toronto's CN Tower has fallen into the lake. The city is crowded with refugees from the US. Michael and Ruth Racco's dad has, in a rash of road rage, perpetrated the Backhoe Massacre. And, in the middle of it all, little Jimmy Hardcastle has, in the fountain of a suburban mall, ... Read more