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Compulsive Acts

Edited by David Bateman

Compulsive Acts explores the films, plays and personality of prolific playwright, novelist, filmmaker and poet Sky Gilbert through the eyes of a handful of the people who have observed his work closely over the past two decades -- as audience members and arts workers. Actors, ... Read more

Daniel MacIvor

Edited by Richie Wilcox

This volume of essays is the first solely dedicated to the work of Daniel MacIvor. It aims to contextualize and analyze the work of this highly prolific theatre artist who is consistently produced and published and yet largely ignored in academia. The compilation features seasoned ... Read more

David Helwig

Edited by Ingrid Ruthig

To date, Canadian poet, novelist, and essayist David Helwig has published close to fifty books and edited numerous others. He has written for television and radio, worked at the CBC, taught at Queen's University, been Poet Laureate of Prince Edward Island, and named to the Order ... Read more

Design and Scenography

Edited by Natalie Rewa

"In this volume several broad areas of concern may be discerned. A main one is the kinds of understanding and modes of collaboration between creative artists…. Another is, of course, the exploration of approaches to design for theatrical presentation or performance by individual ... Read more

Desire Lines

By Ewan Whyte

Desire Lines features an eclectic collection of Toronto writer/poet Ewan Whyte's astute essays and reviews on art, poetry, and culture, both high and low. Among the subjects included: the Roman poet Catullus, the bondage photography of Maria Coletsis, the rain paintings of Viktor ... Read more

Digital Performance in Canada

Edited by David Owen

Especially necessary in a historical moment in which many theatre companies have been forced to move their work online, Digital Performance in Canada illuminates the influence and ubiquity of digital technology on performance practices in Canada. This collection of essays explores ... Read more

Emry's Dream

Edited by Dwayne Brenna

A brief history of the oldest degree-granting drama department in the British Commonwealth and a lucid pictorial celebration of thefabulous directors and actors who have graced its stages

The University of Saskatchewan's Greystone Theatre has the distinction of being the oldest ... Read more

Environmental and Site-Specific Theatre

Volume editor Andrew Houston

Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English sets out to make the best critical and scholarly work in the field readily available. The series publishes the work of scholars and critics who have traced the coming-into-prominence of a vibrant theatrical community in English ... Read more