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Memphis Mayhem

By David A. Less


Memphis gave birth to music that changed the world — Memphis Mayhem is a fascinating history of how music and culture collided to change the state of music forever

“Music writer Less presents a fascinating history of the music of his native Memphis … Less brings to vivid ... Read more

Naturally Woman

By Sharon Morgan Beckford

Black Canadian women must constantly incorporate changes to their identities to faces the challenges of living in a multicultural society. Naturally Woman: The Search for Self in Black Canadian Women's Literature examines the ways in which Black immigrant women must adapt to ... Read more

Other Tongues

Edited by Adebe De Rango-Adem & Andrea Thompson

This anthology of poetry, spoken word, fiction, creative non-fiction, spoken word texts, as well as black and white artwork and photography, explores the question of how mixed-race women in North America identify in the 21st Century. Contributions engage, document, and/or explore ... Read more

Priya's World

By Tara Nanayakkara

At twenty-five, Priya a kindergarten teacher must accept the loss of her parents in a plane crash. Her grief plunges her into an eating disorder. While her friends recognize that she is crying out for help, Priya denies it all as she strives to make peace with Renita, her father's ... Read more

R Is for Reparations

By Global Afrikan Congress – Nova Scotia Chapter


Coming out of the innovative Book-in-a-Day event facilitated by the Global Afrikan Congress – Nova Scotia Chapter, R Is for Reparations invites readers to listen to the voices of young activists as they share their hopes and dreams about the global demand for redress, compensation ... Read more

The Red Indians

By Peter Kulchyski

The Red Indians is a theoretically nuanced, frank, and accessible book about Aboriginal resistance in Canada, historical and contemporary. In the manner of Eduardo Galeano's famous trilogy Memories of Fire, the book uncovers a critical, living history of conflict. The Red Indians, ... Read more

Theorizing Empowerment

Edited by Notisha Massaquoi & Njoki Wane

Theorizing Empowerment: Canadian Perspectives on Black Feminist Thought is a collection of articles by Black Canadian feminists centralizing the ways in which Black femininity and Black women's experiences are integral to understanding political and social frameworks in Canada. ... Read more

Viola Desmond

By Graham Reynolds
With Wanda Robson


Many Canadians know that Viola Desmond is the first Black, non-royal woman to be featured on Canadian currency. But fewer know the details of Viola Desmond’s life and legacy. In 1946, Desmond was arrested for refusing to give up her seat in a whites-only section of a movie ... Read more