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A Bee Garden

By Marilyn Gear Pilling

At the heart of this luminous collection, Pilling's fifth, is a searing sequence of poems tracing a family's grief at the suicide of a girl on the threshhold of womanhood: daughter, sister, niece, about-to-be-aunt. Yet in these, as in all of the poems, what comes through is ... Read more

A Good Enough Life

By Susan Gabori

Philosophers, psychologists, and mystics perceive crisis as an opportunity for growth, with the most dramatic crisis being the experience of death. In A Good Enough Life, documentary film writer and director Susan Gabori has turned to this ultimate human experience, revealing ... Read more

A knife so sharp its edge cannot be seen

By Erin Noteboom

A radiant collection that employs the lyric poem as a tool for scientific and emotional exploration.

Erin Noteboom's A knife so sharp its edge cannot be seen takes exact and exquisite measurement of what carries a voice through illness, grief, loss, and through the failures and ... Read more

A Natural History of Unnatural Things

By Zachari Logan

A microscopic and intense view of the sometimes invisible and ignored parts of the world we inhabit. Peering into cities and our place within them, the poet searches for meaning after the death of his father, and observes the flora and fauna, which provide beauty and nourish ... Read more

A Victory Garden for Trying Times

By Debi Goodwin

“A compelling and intimate reflection on love and grief and ordinary things that comfort and sustain us. ” — Alison Smith, award-winning journalist

Ever since her childhood on a Niagara farm, Debi has dug in the dirt to find resilience. But when her husband, Peter, was ... Read more

Adventurize Your Summer!

By Chris Pannell

Award-winning poet Chris Pannell’s latest collection, Adventurize Your Summer!, is a wide-ranging look at travel, art and life. The author writes poems about the “Eastern Migrating Tourist,” and the indifference of the waters of the Nile, with many stops in between. Pannell ... Read more


By Catherine Graham

In Æther Catherine Graham has created a luminous homage to family, cancer and the strange windings of truth. Swimming through time and space, Graham introduces her mother, her father and herself and the cancers that pull them apart and bring them together. Multiple stories ... Read more

All Violet

By Rani Rivera

The posthumous poetry journal of Rani Rivera, Toronto's champion of mental health advocacy and harm reduction. In All Violet, a young woman chronicles the experience of living on the margins, in spaces and places where body and mind are flayed by guilt, disappointments and betrayals. ... Read more