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The Sun Will Shine

By Laura C Cotesta
Edited by Laura C Stradiotto

The Sun Will Shine chronicles Laura Cotesta's decade long battle with a rare form of cancer, from childhood to adolescence, in her own words. Taken from her journals, essays and school assignments, Laura reflects on being diagnosed with a rare spinal cord tumour and demonstrates ... Read more


By bp Nichol & Wayne Clifford

The value of Theseus is as much about its pedigree as the writing itself. The collaboration for this new book began in the autumn of 1966. bpNichol and Wayne Clifford had worked together early in their literary careers; in fact, Clifford had been the editor of Nichol's first ... Read more

Through, Not Around

Edited by Allison McDonald Ace, Caroline Starr, and Ariel Ng Bourbonnais

Everything doesn't (always) happen for a reason.

Infertility and pregnancy loss can be devastating, yet both are often private sorrows for the one in six people who cope with the experience. This collection offers personal stories about what it's like to go through the emotional ... Read more

Under the Bright Sky

By Andrew Scott

Under the Bright Sky: A Memoir of Travels through Asia brings together ten personal travelogues set in ten Asian countries over a period of several decades. Each story is a snapshot of a distinct time and place, covering a vast and complex landscape, both physical and emotional. ... Read more

Undiscovered Country

By Al Rempel

Undiscovered Country is filled with soulful accomplished writing in a variety of lyrical modes, including the long poem. When someone we love dies, what we miss are their presences and particulars. In this new book Rempel journeys through the grieving process, exploring death ... Read more

What Kind of Man Are You

By Degan Davis

What does it mean to be a man now?
The answers in these poems are bold and deeply moving.


The poems in Degan Davis's debut collection, What Kind Of Man Are You, move between the title's societal taunt (prove yourself) and its more tender and inquisitive question (how to ... Read more

When Things Get Back to Normal

By M.T. Dohaney

One Friday, Walter Dohaney, novelist M. T. (Jean) Dohaney's husband, went out as usual to play hockey with his friends. She never saw him alive again. Without warning, Jean was plunged into the most painful and disorienting experience of her life. Faced with a tumult of emotions ... Read more

Who Took My Sister?

By Shannon Webb-Campbell

Joining a host of important contemporary voices such as Gregory Scofield, Liz Howard and Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Mi'kmaq writer Shannon Webb-Campbell's Who Took My Sister? is a collection of poems and texts that hold and carry trauma; they are a choir and a haunting testament. ... Read more