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Museum of Kindness

By Susan Elmslie

A meditative and piercing collection that explores traumas both ordinary and out of the ordinary.


Museum of Kindness, Montreal poet Susan Elmslie's searching second collection of poetry, is a book that bravely examines "genres" familiar and hard to fathom: the school shooting, ... Read more

My Dinosaur

By Turcot François
Translated by Erín Moure

The figure of the father occupies a particularly significant place in Québécoise literature--there's a real fascination with fathers, and this recurring persona populates fiction, films, and the stories people tell of their families and themselves.

Thus, it's not surprising ... Read more

My Heart is a Rose Manhattan

By Nikki Reimer

My Heart Is a Rose Manhattan is a darkly humorous book about grief and isolation. Cutting yet tender, sorrowful yet angry, these poems touch on death and loss, architecture, alcohol, horse statues, and catalogues of life. Addicted to social media and simultaneously well-versed ... Read more

Not of Reason

By Rita Moir

Rita Moir's mother and sister underwent heart surgery in the same week; a year later her sister was dead and her elderly mother lived many more years. Not of Reason: A Recipe for Outrunning Sadness is a family memoir centred on the deaths of the author's sister and mother and ... Read more


By Agnes Walsh
Edited by Stan Dragland

A new collection by Newfoundland poet Agnes Walsh, her first since the release of Going Around With Bachelors (2007). Born and brought up in Placentia, Newfoundland, Walsh studied folklore in Georgia (USA), before returning home and taking to writing works founded in her love ... Read more

On Not Losing My Father's Ashes in the Flood

By Richard Harrison

Winner of the 3rd Prize for Poetry in the 2017 Alcuin Society's Book Design Awards

Winner of the Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry

Shortlisted for the City of Calgary 2016 W. O. Mitchell Book Prize

Finalist for the Poetry category of the High Plains Book Awards

In his final ... Read more

Once a Storm

By Janet Trull

Losing a loved one to addiction and the unsurmountable grief that follows cannot be aptly defined by linear, literal description. In Once a Storm, acclaimed short fiction writer Janet Trull nimbly and thoughtfully depicts the loss experienced by a parent who loses a child. When ... Read more

Out of Grief, Singing

By Charlene Diehl

Out of Grief, Singing is an achingly beautiful account of how a woman comes to terms with the loss of her newborn. After a bewildering series of rapid diagnoses and emergency interventions, Charlene's daughter Chloe is born. But her too-brief life is spent in the neonatal intensive ... Read more