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Love, Despite the Ache

By Chris Pannell

Love is complicated, and Chris Pannell has captured the sharp pain and deep affection of a son for his parents as they age and slip away from him. In lines that are clear, honest and specific, he unpacks the family histories that bind him to his past. From corgis to seafaring ... Read more

Masses on Radar

By David O'Meara

Words like radio waves, bouncing off the spectres of mortality, middle age, and the mundane.

Arriving at middle age was a decisive experience for David O’Meara, standing equidistant to the past and future with its accompanying doubts and anticipations, inviting re-evaluation ... Read more


By Shirley Camia

Expanding breathlessly in the magnitude of loss, Shirley Camia's fourth collection, Mercy, confronts despair to emerge anew with a bright offering of elegy. Beginning at her mother's hospital bed, Camia invites readers to keep vigil while she journeys through seasons of bereavement, ... Read more

Merz Structure No. 2 Burnt by Children at Play

By Jake Kennedy

In 1981 Jake Kennedy accidentally burnt down an abandoned house. Years later as an adult, he read a story about how Kurt Schwitters' "interior house-sculpture" ("Merz Structure No. 2") was destroyed in 1951 after some children playing with matches accidentally burnt the building ... Read more

Min Hayati

By Rayya Liebich

This collection travels through a daughter's childhood memories in Montreal, her mother's homeland of Lebanon, and the dark realities of grief across borders. Min Hayati uncovers the well of sorrow and the depth of love discovered only through loss. Poetry pays homage to the ... Read more

Miscellaneous Wreckage

By Greg Simison

Miscellaneous Wreckage truly is a miscellany. There are no recurring themes or dominant sections, the subject matter of the poems is all over the map, exploring the poet's past lives, places he has lived, his elderly parents, his children, ex-wives, and his dogs. If there is ... Read more

Mister Blackhurst

By Louis-Philippe Hébert
Translated by Ardeth Neale

In this poetry collection, the author takes an astonishing look into the heart of the afterworld and questions the circle of life as we know it. Mister Blackhurst miraculously regains consciousness on his hospital bed but he realizes that the world around him is no longer under ... Read more


By Marlene Cookshaw

An award-winning poet's day-book of poems, where both bounty and loss are tenderly assigned value.


Marlene Cookshaw, in her first collection of poetry in more than a decade, invites her readers to partake in a long-anticipated harvest that comes in many forms. Whether she's ... Read more