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How to Avoid Huge Ships

By Julie Bruck

Both "grave and brave, serious and hilarious"--new poems from a Governor General's Award-winning poet.


How to Avoid Huge Ships, Julie Bruck's fourth collection of poetry, is a book of arguments and spells against the ambushes of age. This is, of course, a pointless exercise ... Read more


By Claire Sicherman

Imprint is a profound and courageous exploration of trauma, family, and the importance of breaking silence and telling stories. This book is a fresh and startling combination of history and personal revelation. When her son almost died at birth and her grandmother passed away, ... Read more

Intensive Care

By Alan Twigg

One night in April, after a Sunday soccer game, Alan Twigg couldn't remember the names of his two sons or his wife-and he couldn't hold a pen. An emergency CAT scan revealed a large brain tumour squeezed against his motor cortex. 'Intensive Care' tells the story of why this ... Read more

Late Style

By Barry Dempster
Edited by Don McKay

"Struggling with ill-health, one thing I have found myself looking forward to is my morning writing hours, writing with as much excitement and wonder as ever. Poetry is both a faith and a physical need. Even a death sentence wants to be shapely, clear-headed and full of beauty. ... Read more

Laws of Rest

By David B. Goldstein

Laws of Rest invents a new form, the English prose sonnet Ð an intricate chamber of text enclosed within four quatrains of right-justified prose. In their box-like aesthetics, the poems conjure the weird, meticulous worlds of Joseph Cornell or Edmund Spenser. But anything can ... Read more


By Marilyn Potter

Leave-Taking moves through stages of grief-- the reckoning, the remembering, the rituals-- after the sudden death of a spouse. The poems trace reflections on a long marriage, and what it is like to be left behind. The poems travel from Haida Gwaii on the west coast of Canada, ... Read more


By Kim Trainor

Ledi, the second book by Vancouver-based poet Kim Trainor, describes the excavation of an Iron Age Pazyryk woman from her ice-bound grave in the steppes of Siberia. Along with the woman's carefully preserved body, with its blue tattoos of leopards and griffins, grave goods were ... Read more

let us not think of them as barbarians

By Peter Midgley

Finalist for the Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry at the 2020 Alberta Literary Awards!
Peter Midgley's let us not think of them as barbarians is a bold narrative of love, migration, and war hewn from the stones of Namibia. Sensual and intimate, these evocative poems fold ... Read more