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Through the Eyes of Asunder

By Neal Shannacappo

Through the Eyes of Asunder is a poetic journey through the life of one once broken, in heart, spirit, and mind. It starts and it ends with hope, and takes the reader through despair, grief, sorrow and sadness, with moments of introspective happiness and love.

Through, Not Around

Edited by Allison McDonald Ace, Caroline Starr, and Ariel Ng Bourbonnais

Everything doesn't (always) happen for a reason.

Infertility and pregnancy loss can be devastating, yet both are often private sorrows for the one in six people who cope with the experience. This collection offers personal stories about what it's like to go through the emotional ... Read more

To the Men Who Write Goodbye Letters

By Gianna Patriarca

The poems in The Men Who Write Good-bye Letters deal with death and our relationship with time, making sense of the choices made when we "end" things, or when things end without our permission, whether it be the end of a life, the end of a romance, or the result of an unexpected ... Read more

Trailer Park Shakes

By Justene Dion-Glowa

The poems in Trailer Park Shakes are direct and vernacular, rooted in community — a working-class Métis voice rarely heard from.

These poems, while dreamlike and playful, bear unflinching witness to the workings of injustice — how violence is channeled through institutions ... Read more

Uncivil War

By Indran Amirthanayagam

Passionate, committed, and deeply humane, these poems bear witness with unflinching honesty to the horrific violence of the Sri Lankan civil war.

Under the Bright Sky

By Andrew Scott

Under the Bright Sky: A Memoir of Travels through Asia brings together ten personal travelogues set in ten Asian countries over a period of several decades. Each story is a snapshot of a distinct time and place, covering a vast and complex landscape, both physical and emotional. ... Read more

Vox Humana

By Adebe DeRango-Adem

Vox Humana (Latin for "human voice") is driven by a sense of political urgency to probe the ethics of agency in a world that actively resists the participation of some voices over others.

In and through literary experiments with word and sound, utterance and song, Vox Humana ... Read more

Wabigoon River Poems

By David Groulx

Written by award-winning writer David Groulx, this is a ferocious, erudite collection centred around an epic poem "Wabigoon River Poem(s)" which is breathtaking in its unflinching and wide-ranging look at oppression, genocide, revolution, and survival. Wabigoon River Poems draws ... Read more