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The Only Card in a Deck of Knives

By Lauren Turner

In these poems, Turner aims to reclaim the "hysterical" label given to women throughout history. Rather than shy away from the emotional urgency and raw vulnerability surrounding a terminal diagnosis, she shines an interrogative light upon it. Fascinated and repelled by the ... Read more

The Seed

By Alexandra Kimball

Notes on desire, reproduction, and grief, and how feminism doesn't support women struggling to have children

In pop culture as much as in policy advocacy, the feminist movement has historically left infertile women out in the cold. This book traverses the chilly landscape of ... Read more

The Seeker Ascends

By Merle Nudelman

The poems in this book trace the emotional and spiritual journey of a woman whose beloved son dies after an arduous battle with cancer. Nudelman explores the nexus between art, healing, and truth. As the woman gradually climbs out of grief's darkness she reclaims her own life's ... Read more

The Sun Will Shine

By Laura C Cotesta
Edited by Laura Stradiotto

The Sun Will Shine chronicles Laura Cotesta's decade long battle with a rare form of cancer, from childhood to adolescence, in her own words. Taken from her journals, essays and school assignments, Laura reflects on being diagnosed with a rare spinal cord tumour and demonstrates ... Read more

The Tempest

By Ilona Martonfi

Bearing witness to truth, The Tempest is invested in poetry that attempts to reveal human pain through the art of words. Each poem is powerful, but the book's strength emerges from its collective voice: different political conflicts, cultures, genders, ages, races-one shared ... Read more

The Vanishing Act (& The Miracle After)

By Mirabel

The Vanishing Act (& The Miracle After) is an existential meditation on grief—the kind of grief which pins you down and minimizes you. The first half of the collection, The Vanishing Act, captures the ruminations of a mind which feels trapped physically and spiritually. ... Read more


By bp Nichol & Wayne Clifford

The value of Theseus is as much about its pedigree as the writing itself. The collaboration for this new book began in the autumn of 1966. bpNichol and Wayne Clifford had worked together early in their literary careers; in fact, Clifford had been the editor of Nichol's first ... Read more

This Is a Stickup

By Amber McMillan

This Is a Stickup is a heart-stopping second collection of poetry from Amber McMillan. In fierce, lonely and elegant lines McMillan writes of violence, of the sea and of love. A strange man peers in her window and flames consume swing sets, while McMillan unravels some of the ... Read more