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Clerks of the Passage

By Abou Farman

Migration stories, says Abou Farman, are often told through the personal struggles and travails of the migrant, ‘the great voyager figure of our most recent centuries, the harbinger of hybridity, the metaphor for risk, sacrifice, toil, abuse, inhumanity. And humanity. ’ ... Read more

Coast Salish Essays

By Wayne Suttles

Wayne Suttles has devoted much of his professional life to research on the cultures of the Native peoples of the Pacific Northwest, especially the Coast Salish of the Georgia Strait-Puget Sound Basin. Born and raised in this region, he has been guided by a life-long love of ... Read more

Euphoria & Dystopia

Edited by Sarah Cook & Sara Diamond

A compendium of some of the most important thinking about art and technology to have taken place in the last few decades at the international level. Based on the research of the Banff New Media Institute from 1995 to 2005, these essays, transcripts and artists projects celebrate ... Read more

Harry Robinson: Living by Stories

By Harry Robinson
Edited by Wendy Wickwire

Following on two previous collections? Write It on Your Heart: The Epic World of an Okanagan Storyteller (1989) and Nature Power: In the Spirit of an Okanagan Storyteller (2004)?Talonbooks is pleased to announce the release of this third volume of oral narratives by Okanagan ... Read more

Harry Robinson: Nature Power

By Harry Robinson
Edited by Wendy Wickwire

Many of the stories in Harry Robinson’s second collection feature the shoo-MISH, or ?nature helpers” that assist humans and sometimes provide them with special powers. Some tell of individuals who use these powers to heal themselves; others tell of Indian doctors who have ... Read more

Harry Robinson: Write It on Your Heart

By Harry Robinson
Edited by Wendy Wickwire

Write It on Your Heart is a celebration of the late Harry Robinson, one of the great storytellers of the Interior Salish people of North America.

Collected over a ten-year period, the stories selected for this volume tell from a First Nations point of view about the origin of ... Read more

How We Eat

By Leon Rappoport


An informative look at the history of eating that’s a tasty combo of fact and fun

We enjoy watching celebrity chefs on TV, but so few of us choose to cook at home. The gourmet health food industry is soaring, yet a longtime love affair with fast food endures. Food and eating ... Read more

Journey to the Heart of the First Peoples Collection

Edited by Marie-Paule Robitaille

Revealing objects of unimagined beauty and rarity, this book brings readers into the world of the Aboriginal nations of Quebec, Canada, the United States, Amazonia, and Oceania. The history of this collection spans a period stretching from New France (1600), with objects brought ... Read more