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Let Them Eat Junk

By Robert Albritton

Respected economist Robert Albritton argues that the capitalist system, far from delivering on the promise of cheap, nutritious food for all, has created a world where 25% of the world population are over-fed and 25% are hungry. This malnourishment of 50% of the world's population ... Read more

The New Old

By David Cravit

Focusing on the Baby Boomer generation, this argument explores how thisgroup is permanently destroying previous attitudes toward aging, retirement, senior citizens, and even the concept of death. An analysis of welfare rates and health-care costs demonstrates that the ?BoomersÔ are ... Read more

Urge to Splurge, The

By Laura Byrne Paquet

Tracing the cultural evolution of shopping from outdoor bazaars to suburban malls, this brazen look at the history and psychology of one of humankind’s oldest pursuits considers the variety of reasons (and excuses) that drive the impulse to buy. An opulent collection of shopping ... Read more