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Freedom Bound

By Jean Rae Baxter

In this, the final instalment of Jean Rae Baxter's best-selling young adult trilogy, eighteen-year-old Charlotte sails from Canada to Charleston in the beleaguered Thirteen Colonies to join her new husband Nick. During these final months of the American Revolution, she must ... Read more

From Underground Railroad to Rebel Refuge

By Brian Martin


Filled with engaging stories and astonishing facts, From Underground Railroad to Rebel Refuge examines the role of Canadians in the American Civil War

Despite all we know about the Civil War, its causes, battles, characters, issues, impacts, and legacy, few books have explored ... Read more

Montreal, City of Secrets

By Barry Sheehy
By (photographer) Cindy Wallace

During the American Civil War, the Confederate government’s largest foreign secret service base was in Montreal. Montreal, then the largest city in British North America, has kept secret its unique role in the American Civil War ever since. Based on original archival research, ... Read more

The Great Absquatulator

By Frank Mackey
Introduction by Aly (alias Webster) Ndiaye

Alfred Thomas Wood was nothing and everything. A century before Ferdinand Demara, "The Great Impostor" of the 1961 Hollywood film of that name, Wood was the Great Absquatulator, a man who roved through the mid-19th century from Halifax, N. S., to New England, Liberia, Great ... Read more

Way Lies North, The

By Jean Rae Baxter

This young adult historical novel focuses on Charlotte and her family, Loyalists who are forced to flee their home in the Mohawk Valley as a result of the violence of the “Sons of Liberty” during the American Revolution. At the beginning, fifteen-year-old Charlotte Hooper ... Read more

Winds of L’Acadie

By Lois Donovan

When sixteen-year-old Sarah from Toronto learns that she is to spend the summer with her grandparents in Nova Scotia, she is convinced that it will be the most tedious summer ever. She gets off to a rough start when she meets Luke, the nephew of her grandmother’s friend, and ... Read more