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By Pamela Mordecai

Toronto writer Pamela Mordecai is a well-known voice in poetry of the Caribbean diaspora. She has long been a popular anthologist, a mentor to other writers, a frequent contributor to literary journals, and a vital link between the literary worlds of Canada and Jamaica; Certifiable ... Read more

Chile Con Carne and Other Early Works

By Carmen Aguirre

Three early plays from influential Canadian Latina playwright, Carmen Aguirre. The plays, Chile Con Carne, ¿QUE PASA with LA RAZA, eh?, and In a Land Called I Don’t Remember, deal with the experience of exile – the hardships, the heartache, and the horror – as well as ... Read more

Dark Water Songs

By Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes

The poems in Dark Water Songs begin on the margins of islands and ancestors, and fan out, probing love, loss and life's dilemmas. They expand and deepen the poetic exploration which began with my earlier collections, mining the reciprocal spaces enabled by the hyphen between ... Read more

de book of Joseph

By Pamela Mordecai

de book of Joseph, the third book in Mordecai's epic trilogy about the lives of Jesus, his mother, Mary, and his foster father, the tekton of Nazareth, is a dazzling retelling in Jamaican Creole of the story of Joseph's life--his first marriage, his magical meeting with Mary, ... Read more

de book of Mary

By Pamela Mordecai

de book of Mary is an epic poem in Jamaican Creole based on the Biblical story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. The first book of a trilogy, Pamela Mordecai's de book of Mary covers Mary's life from her early years, through the arrival of the Archangel Gabriel and the birth of Yeshua, ... Read more

Fronteras Vivientes

Edited by Natalie Alvarez

This book is the first to showcase the work of established and emerging Latina/o playwrights in Canada, charting the range and depth of Latina?/o Canadian theatre—its radical experimentations with form; its unflinching forays into histories of conquest, political oppression, ... Read more

Hallucinations in the Alfalfa and Other Poems

Translated by Hugh Hazelton
By Griselda Garcia

The poetry of Griselda García is a hallucinatory journey through a landscape haunted by startling images of sensuality and desolation, humour and conflict, passion and suffering. Her lyrical, shifting visions, interwoven by a subtle, intermittent narrative line, touch on fear, ... Read more

House Within a House

By Nicholas Dawson
Translated by David Bradford

A meditation on the wiles of depression, illuminated by queer and diasporic experience.

"We, nosotros, nosotras: somos sobrevivientes. " Weaving prose poetry, essay, autobiography and photography in mutual contamination, Nicholas Dawson relates his own deep depression, a state ... Read more