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By Nancy Anne Miller

With visual imagery that matches the vivid subject matter of her island home, Nancy Anne Miller writes about a colonial childhood within the echoes of empire, the shadow of slavery and the complexity of island life which tourism has glossed over. She recounts the effect of the ... Read more

Subversive Sonnets

By Pamela Mordecai

These "subversive sonnets" overhaul the traditional sonnet form to address a range of subjects, from the tenderness of love to the terror of rape, punishment, torture, and murder. Mordecai has an unfailing ear for voices, for the music that sings and laughs and laments the stories ... Read more

Tango Lyrics, The

By Maria Negroni
Translated by Michelle Gil-Montero

The Tango Lyrics is a translation of Andanza, the tenth book of poetry by María Negroni, whose important place in international letters has been well recognized in Argentina and abroad. Like many of her books, The Tango Lyrics drifts through intertextuality--by tapping into ... Read more

The Places Where Names Vanish

By Stephen Henighan

The Places Where Names Vanish explores the frightening, encoded, and potentially explosive realities of Quebec and Montreal as seen by Ecuadorean expatriates. Marta longs for escape from her impoverished village, where she is pulled between traditionalism, spiritualism, Catholicism, ... Read more


By Zulmira Ribeiro Tavares
Translated by Hugh Hazelton

This is a translation of a noted Brazilan poet and novelist, by Governor General award-winning translator Hugh Hazelton. Travares' work has been translated into Italian and German, but this is her first poetry to appear in English. The book will contain an introduction to the ... Read more

Voices From Kibuli Country

By Dannabang Kuwabong

This collection results from the author's experiences in Hamilton, Ontario, where he has a home, and his travels to several Caribbean islands and the United States as a person of multiple locations and origins: Canadian, African, and Ghanaian.

The Hamilton poems also look at ... Read more

Voodoo Hypothesis

By Canisia Lubrin

Voodoo Hypothesis is a subversion of the imperial construct of "blackness" and a rejection of the contemporary and historical systems that paint black people as inferior, through constant parallel representations of "evil" and "savagery. " Pulling from pop culture, science, pseudo-science ... Read more

Voyage, The

By H Nigel Thomas

The Voyage is a collection of poems culled from a lifetime of meditations on self, family, time, and ageing; it also reflects on political and social aspects of human lives, such as hubris, abuse of power, racism and oppression.