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Ferryboat Ride Colouring Book, The

By Robert Perry
Illustrated by Greta Guzek

A companion to the bestselling Ferryboat Ride, this book of evocative children's poetry about the experience of taking a ride on one of BC's ferries offers children the opportunity to colour Greta Guzek's fabulous coastal landscapes. Ages 5 and up.

Ferryboat Ride, The

By Robert Perry
Illustrated by Greta Guzek

"Greta Guzek's 'child's paint-box' renderings . .. effortlessly convey some of the beauties and magic of this world of islands and boats and whales. "


--Books in Canada


"Do you believe / in ferry tales / of seeing pods / of flying whales?" Robert Perry's simple four-line rhymes, ... Read more


By Glen Huser

Firebird explores a period in our history - one year in particular (1915–1916) - when a massive number of newcomers were deemed “enemy aliens,” arrested and put into internment camps set up all across Canada. Alex Kaminsky, a fourteen-year-old Ukrainian immigrant boy, ... Read more