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A One-Handed Novel

By Kim Clark

A hilarious and captivating novel that challenges expectations and assumptions about women's sexuality and living with disability. Hilarious, captivating and sexy, this new novel by Kim Clark challenges expectations and assumptions about women's sexuality and living with disability. ... Read more

As You Were

By Elaine Feeney

Shortlisted for the Rathbones Folio Prize • Winner of the 2021 Kate O'Brien Award • Winner of the 2021 Dalkey Emerging Writer Award

Sinead Hynes is a tough, driven, funny young property developer with a terrifying secret. No-one knows it: not her fellow patients in a failing ... Read more

Base Type Nil

By Michel Kelly-Gagnon
Illustrated by Corentin Hunter

"On Friday morning, a little past eight, Michelangelo left his house after a hasty breakfast, took one step into the street, and was hit by a bus. "
So begins Base Type Nil, a darkly humorous story about a man who wakes up in a cartoonish dystopia and has to navigate a civilization ... Read more

Base type null

By Michel Kelly-Gagnon
Illustrated by Corentin Hunter

« Vendredi matin, un peu après huit heures, Michelangelo avale son petit-déjeuner à la hâte. Il sort de chez lui, pose un pied dans la rue et se fait happer par un bus. »
Ainsi commence Base type null, un récit d'humour noir qui raconte l'histoire de Michelangelo, un ... Read more


By J.P. Meyboom

A dark coming-of-age comedy set in a world of scoundrels and misfits at the end of their tether.

Paul Wint quits his dead-end gig composing greeting cards and falls in with Hornsmith, an ailing con on his last score. Hornsmith is running a scam on Dr. Courtney, a cosmetic surgeon, ... Read more

Citizens of Light

By Sam Shelstad

“Sam Shelstad has a funny, lively, engaging, peculiar mind—charming and surprising. ” —Sheila Heti, bestselling author of Motherhood and Pure Colour

This debut novel set in southern Ontario captures call-centre life, faded tourist attractions, and suburbia with oddball ... Read more

Cop House

By Sam Shelstad

Cop House is a short story collection about people desperately trying to recapture--or replace--the things they've lost. There are secret vacations, library book fetishes, women who participate in "fully-clothed, free-form touching and explorative play experiences" in exchange ... Read more

Giving Up

By Mike Steeves

At times funny, at other times sad, and more than often a mixture of the two, Giving Up by Mike Steeves is a deeply felt account of what goes on in the inner sanctum of the modern couple's apartment.

In grappling with the line between what happened and what might have happened, ... Read more