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Grave Dancing on Two Left Feet

By Raphael Burdman

At times a comedy of terrors, pitting the severe pogrom pain of one side of our narrator’s family against the other’s imagined holocaust horrors in a contest of who suffered more, the consequences are deadly serious: when long-ago traumas trigger ones even more devastating ... Read more

How To Tell If Your Frog Is Dead

By Julie Roorda

A tour guide leads a Valentine's Day-themed ghost walk, visiting the sites of horrific, yet romantic, deaths. A homicide cop solves tough cases using tips from his plants. Scientists discover a new species of religiously observant gophers, and a young math whiz, on the hunt ... Read more

Idaho Winter

By Tony Burgess


“The world of Tony Burgess is savage and blackly funny … It’s a place where you shouldn’t trust anybody, not even your narrator. ” — Uptown Magazine

Idaho Winter is absurd and acceptable at the same time; its prose is pleasurable and unnerving. ” — Globe ... Read more


By Andrew Battershill

Winner, 2019 Relit Award (Novel Category)

For a guy who mugs people for their laptops, Tommy Marlo isn’t such a bad guy. He can’t help trying to make the people he meets — even those he mugs — feel better about their situation. Unfortunately for Tommy, he rips off the ... Read more

No One Knows about Us

By Bridget Canning

Award-winning author Bridget Canning returns with an incisive and unsettling collection that considers what it means to be good—or to be a villain—in our relationships with others.

No One Knows about Us is a collection of short fiction about how we find connection in a disconnected ... Read more

One Hit Wonders

By Patrick Warner

LIla is dead. And the likely suspects are all men: her flash-in-the-pan literary husband,a washed up golf pro turned criminal with a cocaine habit, and two small-time thugslooking for the perfect score. As a crime novel for a new age, this is sex, drugs, and astory that unfolds ... Read more

Platinum Blues

By William Deverell


In this “fast-paced, wickedly funny” legal thriller, a small-town lawyer’s case against a Los Angeles record label turns into a deadly media circus (Publishers Weekly)

Living in the Northern California town of Foolsgold, widowed lawyer Oliver Gulliver is headed for a ... Read more

Running Trees

By Amber McMillan

Finalist, New Brunswick Book Award (Fiction) and Alistair MacLeod Prize for Short Fiction
A striking original, deftly humorous collection of stories that considers the quest for truth: how we come to it or alternatively avoid it.

A fervently comic debut, The Running Trees leads ... Read more