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By Jason Anderson


A comedian’s career is ended after a presidential assassination, and a journalist tries to track him down decades later, in this darkly humorous novel

In 1963, Jimmy Wynn was the second most famous man in America. The comedian’s uncanny impression of the president made ... Read more


By Liam Card

A recently deceased grieving spirit decides to rid the world of violent crime, and becomes the most notorious killer in history.

For Luke Stevenson, an otherwise simple afterlife has become catastrophic. He’s been paired to mentor Safia, an angry teenage girl who recently ... Read more

The Children's War

By C.P. Boyko

In his fourth collection, C. P. Boyko turnshis keen eye to the question of power—in schools and on campuses, in doctor’s offices and boardrooms, in triage tents and on the battlefield. A high-school math teacher tries too hard to be liked; childhood friends grow up and go ... Read more

The Bourgeois Empire

By Evie Christie

The bleak landscape of midlife disillusionment and excess permeate this brooding novel about a husband and wife, a teenage girl, and the erotic and mundane details of daily existence. His masculinity charged and marred to a surreal extent, Jules finds vice and love equally helpful ... Read more

The Comic

By Stan Rogal

A bored part-time college English instructor who teaches a class called "Humour in Classical Novels" to students who really don't care decides to try his hand at stand-up comedy, which takes him from his very protected academic world into an arena open to attack and persecution ... Read more

The Deadbeat Club

By Dietrich Kalteis

A fast and powerful crime novel full of action, vengeance, twists, and dark humour

Grey Stevens took over the family business after his uncle passed away, and now he grows the best pot in Whistler. It’s called Eight Miles High and the word on the street is it rivals anything ... Read more

The Desperates

By Greg Kearney

Edmund was dying, but now he isn't. Granted a reprieve from the HIV that took everyone he loved away from him, Edmund decides-after a period of holing up in his Rosedale home-to jump-start his new lease on life by diving hard into the sex and drugs of the party scene.

Teresa ... Read more

The Iconoclast's Journal

By Terry Griggs

Spooked by some ball lightning on his wedding night, repressed young Catholic Griffith Smolders interprets this as a sign and abandons his conjugal responsibilities by escaping through the window, enduring a series of misadventures along the way involving, among others, con ... Read more