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The Art and Passion of Guido Nincheri

By Mélanie Grondin

Guido Nincheri's work has been appreciated by connoisseurs of stained-glass windows and frescoes in church interiors scattered across Canada and New England. Although considered to have been the most prolific religious artist in North America, his work is not well known. The ... Read more

The Geography of Arrival: A Memoir

By George Sipos

In The Geography of Arrival, George Sipos revisits the city of London, Ontario, where his family settled after immigrating to Canada from Hungary in 1957. Divided into short chapters, each related to a different local landmark, the book depicts the world through the eyes of ... Read more

The House with the Parapet Wall

By John Terpstra

Grieving the diminishment and death of his elderly mother, John Terpstra finds solace in a seemingly unusual place: the stories (both historical and fanciful) of the nineteenth-century houses in his Hamilton neighbourhood and of the families which have inhabited them. With a ... Read more

The Life and Art of Arthur Pitts

By Kerry Mason

Arthur Pitts (1889-1972) was born in London, UK, in the Edwardian age and pursued a career of art and adventure, first in South Africa, then Canada. His fascination with indigenous cultures, led him to travel over 4,000 miles in British Columbia and Alaska, producing a large ... Read more

The November Optimist

By David Zieroth

The November Optimist is almost a love story. Combining fiction, observation and anecdote, its male narrator conjures a dialogue with a woman?his imagined counterpart, his willing or unwilling muse who sometimes lends insight, sometimes remains contrary and elusive. Full of jaunty ... Read more

When Things Get Back to Normal

By M.T. Dohaney

One Friday, Walter Dohaney, novelist M. T. (Jean) Dohaney's husband, went out as usual to play hockey with his friends. She never saw him alive again. Without warning, Jean was plunged into the most painful and disorienting experience of her life. Faced with a tumult of emotions ... Read more

Who Is Kim Ondaatje?

By Lola Tostevin

This book is a biography of artist, film maker, and photographer, Kim Ondaatje, née Betty Jane Kimbark. Born into a wealthy family, Kim's story is a reverse of the rags to riches narrative. She married two highly successful writers, Douglas Jones and Michael Ondaatje, had six ... Read more