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Ben Woolfitt

By (artist) Ben Woolfitt

Ben Woolfitt begins each day by drawing. Using graphite, silver and metal leaf and selected objects for frottage, Woolfitt plumbs the depths of his unconscious as he draws on each page of his books. Although best known for his large-format paintings, Woolfitt has completed hundreds ... Read more


By Brian Blair

The photographs in this volume are evocations made visible through reflection, observation, exploration, and expression … the embodiment of memory, renderings of personal emotional truth … recollections of the photographer’s life during the 1970s, spanning the decade he ... Read more

Good Earth

By (artist) Walter Ostrom

Walter Ostrom has been described as an "innovative traditionalist," a disruptive force shaking up ceramic conventions while simultaneously enriching them. Hired to teach studio and Asian art history at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1969, Ostrom was one of many American ... Read more

Graeme Patterson

By (artist) Graeme Patterson

Secret Citadel showcases Graeme Patterson’s spectacular and intricate multimedia installation, exploring the trials and tribulations of male friendship through a four-part sculptural/video installation and an experimental stop-motion animated narrative. Here, guided by subtle ... Read more

I Could See Everything

By Margaux Williamson

'Like all my favourite art, these paintings bring out that covetous feeling – I want to wear them, dance to them, show them off as an example of how life feels to me: dirty, dumb, terrifying, spiritual and so funny. ' – Miranda July

'In a time of ironic detachment, Margaux ... Read more


Edited by David Moos

Winner, Canadian Museums Association Outstanding Achievement in Publication and Melva J. Dwyer Award

Iain Baxter legally changed his name to IAIN BAXTER& in 2005. He appended an ampersand to his name to underscore that art is about connectivity — about contingency and collaboration ... Read more

Impressions of Newfoundland

By (photographer) Ting Ting Chen

Showcasing Newfoundland’s landscape and people in a fine art approach and discover the stories behind the images.

Impressions of Newfoundland showcases the selected works of photographer Ting Ting Chen’s fine art Newfoundland landscape photos and fine art portraits of Newfoundlanders. ... Read more

Jacques Hurtubise

Edited by Sarah Fillmore

Showcasing the major career highlights and some of the most recent work of abstract painter Jacques Hurtubise, this lavishly illustrated bilingual volume captures the key works of Hurtubise’s formidable fifty-plus year career, many of which have never been brought together ... Read more